‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin’ Season 2 Is Finally Happening



We have the most recent information on Pitch Perfect’s spin-off show, ‘Bumper In Berlin.’ Pitch Perfect hero Bumper Allen lives a dull life 10 years after college, operating as a security guard for his alma mater and singing a cappella as a hobby.

However, after receiving an unexpected call from an old acquaintance, Pieter, Bumper is reassured that by dropping everything and relocating to Berlin, he can realize his musical dreams of being a pop artist.

We have updates if you plan to watch more seasons after the first. We all want the series to continue and see the characters develop. And let’s get into the details of season two.

‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin’ Season 2 Is On The Cards

Season 2 of the spin-off show ‘Bumper In Berlin’ is already in the works. It’s happening. The series’ production team has already stated how enthusiastic everyone is for the series continuation.

Susan Rovner, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming’s chairman of entertainment content, noted that the team created an absolutely unique and enchanting narrative with new twists on memorable songs.

The official statement reads, “We knew fans of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise were going to sing the praises of ‘Bumper in Berlin’ and enjoy seeing a new side of Adam Devine’s character. Along with our partners at UTV, Megan Amram, Elizabeth Banks, and Max Handelman crafted an incredibly unique and charming story with new takes on iconic songs. We can’t wait to dive further into this new hit with Peacock audiences.”

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Executive producers Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman stated that they are thrilled to continue the narrative in Season 2 and anticipate even more hilarity and relentless mouth songwriting.

“We are thrilled that audiences continue to enjoy the ‘Pitch Perfect’ universe with ‘Bumper in Berlin’ on Peacock. We look forward to even more hilarity and relentless mouth music in Season 2.”

Universal Television President Erin Underhill added that the team is excited to take the next season to new levels.

“‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin’ hit all the right notes. We are thrilled to reunite with this fantastic team as there are many new and surprising stories to tell with these hilarious and lovable characters. We look forward to taking the next season to new heights.” 

What To Expect From ‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin’ Season 2?

Knowing that there will be another season adds to our anticipation of what will happen in the upcoming season. But we know it’s going to be bigger and better. Because Amram noted that they have a few concepts for Season 2, it’s difficult not to engage in the game of foresight. And that they adore the prospect of Bumper competing in the Olympics, perhaps throwing javelin for Germany.

Amram officially said, “I have some ideas for Season 2, it’s hard not to play the game of planning ahead. I do love the idea of Bumper competing on the Olympics team, throwing javelin for Germany or something. Who knows, anything could happen.”

Bumper appears to be staying in Berlin for the time being. The official Instagram account of the network and show said, “Get ready for more high notes.” Check out the official post below.

Adam Devine Talked About Working For The Spin-Off

Adam, the main character, stated that working on the spin-off is really thrilling for him. Also, there’s something captivating about a delightful, nice guy that is also a complete idiot.

“Obviously, those movies changed my life, so I was excited when they brought this idea to me.”

He added, “There’s something so endearing about a sweet, nice guy who is also a total idiot. And I think from the movies, I was more of the antagonist, and I was kind of the villain. Like, I have a Teen Choice Award, and I have a surfboard that says Best Movie Villain.

I beat Bane [from The Dark Knight Rises] that year, for the first Pitch Perfect movie. But if you’ve seen him in the new series, Bumper in Berlin, he’s grown as a person a little bit, and he’s less of a villain. You see that life has sort of hit him hard, and he realizes he can’t be as wildly mean to people as he was, specifically in the first movie.”

He continued, “I think everyone can sort of relate to being in that place in your life, where you feel stuck, and you want to be bigger and better than you currently are. And you just feel like you don’t know how to do it, and you’re not given the shot to do it.

So it’s sort of wish fulfillment for anyone who’s just like, ‘Man, I wish I could just pack up and move somewhere and follow my dream, but I never will.’ Bumper gets the opportunity, and he does.”

What are your speculations on the upcoming season of this spin-off? Are you ready for more amazing music? You’re welcome to drop your opinions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more updates.

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