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Pippa Middleton has been in the limelight for a long time. However, the light has not shined on how much the royal she earns. Pippa Middleton’s net worth is a curiosity for a lot. With a family like the Middletons, who are millionaires in their own right, and ties to the royal family, we can expect the youngest of the Middleton family to be quite the hefty elite.

She has made her identity unique from those around her. We were certainly surprised to find out exactly how much Pippa Middleton’s net worth is, so let’s take a look.

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Pippa Middleton’s Net Worth Revealed

Pippa Middleton’s net worth has been estimated to be around $50 million. For context on how much money that is, The Queen’s other grandchildren, Prince Harry, has $60 million, Princess Anne, her daughter, has $30 million, and Prince Edward, her son, has $10 million. 

Her granddaughter Zara Phillips has s net worth of around $20 million. In the meantime, Kate Middleton is the owner of $10 million. Pippa is that much richer than all other royals.

How Pippa Middleton Made Millions? 

Pippa Middleton has an illustrious career, and it has assisted her in earning millions. Pippa held positions in public relations, event planning, and at Party Pieces, her parent business. According to sources, she was undoubtedly equipped to write Celebrate, her debut book about party planning.

This brought her a £400,000 advance from Penguin Books in 2012. In 2016, Pippa published a cookbook titled Heartfelt. This earned her a lot of wealth, needless to say, she has made millions from her books too.

Moreover, she has strong money ties with her family. Party Pieces, Carole, and Michael Middleton’s business is extremely profitable and has helped the family become self-made millionaires. The family’s business was estimated to be worth £30 million in 2013, and ten years later, it still seemed to be doing strong.

Pippa Middleton’s Personal Life Explored

Born on September 6, 1983, Pippa is currently 39 years old. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is her elder sister. James William Middleton, Pippa’s brother, is a businessman whose enterprise offers birthday cake assembly kits.

She was Kate’s maid of honor when she married Prince William in 2011. Pippa earned a degree in English literature from the University of Edinburgh, which she later used to launch her non-fiction book, Celebrate, in 2012.

On May 20, 2017, Pippa Middleton married Pippa Matthews. The couple celebrated in style and simplicity in her local church, St. Mark’s Church in Englefield. Together, Pippa and James are parents to three children: two daughters and a son. 

All this points to a relatively simple life led by the couple. However, Pippa’s husband, James Matthews, is exceedingly rich. Matthews used to be a hedge fund manager and a professional race car driver, two incredibly successful careers in and of themselves. He has amassed an enormous fortune as the CEO of Eden Rock Capital Management in the interim. All this contributes to her increasing wealth. 

Pippa Middleton’s Lavish Lifestyle 

Pippa is a socialite and has a taste for the finer things in life. She also can afford it, and the couple’s joint net worth is about $2 billion. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Pippa and James just acquired a 30-room Berkshire Georgian property for £22.5 million when they sold their London residence.


Pippa Middleton’s whopping net worth is a result of her career as a book writer and family influence. She definitely worked hard to make a name for herself in the industry. What are your thoughts regarding this? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box.

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