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In Iran, the ayatollahs’ regime seems to be struggling in the face of the massive protests that have been taking place every day for a month and a half, after the death of the young Mahsa Amini.

30-year-old Roman travel blogger Alessia Piperno appears to have been implicated in the Iranian police’s brutal crackdown. The young woman has been imprisoned in Tehran for weeks, without knowing why. La Farnesina is working to stay in contact with the girl, verify her conditions of detention and facilitate her release as soon as possible.

One of the first declarations via Twitter of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, is that on the detained compatriot. “I am the case of Alessia Piperno, the young Italian detained in Iran with the greatest commitment and with great determination”, writes the head of Farnesina. “I reiterated this to his father Alberto in a long and cordial phone call”.

Iran, 9 foreigners arrested

The situation appears very delicate because Piperno is not the only foreigner arrested in Iran at the time of the revolt. A total of 9 citizens of other countries have been arrested by Tehran police since the beginning of the protests for Mahsa Amini, said Massoud Setayeshi, spokesman for Iranian justice. They are accused of “joining and collusion against national security and espionage”.

Masha Amini. Photo Twitter @MarianoGiustino

The reference is mainly to the case of alleged “French spies”, who allegedly “planned how to influence people’s feelings and how to spread rumors through the media during the protests” for Mahsa Amini. As is known, the 22-year-old girl died on September 16 after the moral police arrested her for not wearing the veil correctly. For Massoud Setayeshi, an investigation “crucial for national security” is underway and Tehran’s investigations in this area will continue. Iran’s justice system claims to have “gathered a variety of valuable and strategic information from the foreign prisoners we are investigating. The Western secret services – continued Setayeshi – dreamed of being able to create insecurity in Iran but that will not happen. »

“We have made new arrests”

In recent hours, Setayeshi said police had made “new arrests” and the investigation was progressing rapidly. However, he did not provide details on the number of those arrested or their nationalities, but said more information will be released as soon as the investigation is completed. On the case of the so-called “French spies”, at the beginning of October – the same period when Alessia Piperno was imprisoned – France had spoken after the broadcast of a video with the “alleged confessions” of a couple: Cécile Kohler and Jacques Paris, arrested last May and “arbitrarily detained” in Iran. Modalities, they declare from Paris, “worthy of the far-fetched trials of the worst dictatorial regimes”.

Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah at the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Photo Ansa / Epa

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