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Led by Riccardo Zanotti, the Nuclear Tactical Penguins had significant success last year. From the summer soundtrack with Giovani Wannabe, to already thinking about next year, when they finally fill the San Siro stadium for the first time. The group is already thinking big and public support does not discourage them.

A musical group that has been collecting records for more than two years and has already participated in the Sanremo Festival, during which the Nuclear Tactical Penguins positioned themselves in an excellent position in the final ranking. The band have topped the music charts on several occasions and are still on the podium among the most streamed singles according to Fimi/Gfk with two of the latest songs released in recent months.

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Riccardo Zanotti, accompanied by the inseparable Elio Biffi, Nicola Buttafuoco, Simone Pagani, Matteo Locati and Lorenzo Pasini have gone from a small rehearsal room to spaces that seem too big, but which will accommodate their entire audience, such as that of the San Siro Stadium . The group, in fact, is already preparing for next summer, ready to sign countless record successes.

The Nuclear Tactical Penguins land in the stadiums

After a summer tour among the palaces and the most important musical reviews of the summer that saw them protagonists thanks to what has become the song of the summer, with Giovani Wannabe, the Nuclear Tactical Penguins are ready to reflect on the next New Year’s plans. Just a few weeks after the release of Ricordi, the latest single that has already collected countless records, the group is once again thinking about concerts. After the winter, in fact, the Nuclear Tactical Penguins will be expected next summer, on July 11, 2023, at the San Siro stadium, for the first time ready to welcome their fans in such a large space, which is almost scary but who at the same time realized a dream for the musical group.

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The group continues to collect musical hits

San Siro Stadium will be a dream come true for the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, ready to step back into the spotlight in Milan, a city that has already given them so much, but is ready to give them so much more. And as presales open for what will be the most anticipated event of 2023 for the band’s audiences, the band continues to collect significant musical achievements. Giovani Wannabe and Ricordi are still, in fact, on the podium among the most listened to singles of the last week and, given the significant results recorded, they will remain for a long time, even in radio rotation. What is about to end has been a truly important and meaningful year for the Nuclear Tactical Penguins which has brought many satisfactions and rewards.

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