Permanent car tax exemption, now you can: how and when to claim it



This is good news for many motorists: some of them can request the definitive exemption from the Timbre Auto

There are two annual taxes that Italian citizens and consumers literally cannot afford. It’s the Rai Fee and the car tax. In particular the second tax, old, which concerns all those who own a car.

Car tax exemption (web source)

Next January, the 2023 auto stamp renewal deadline will expire, at least for most users whose last payment is due in December. Another payment that will put many Italians in crisis, already struggling with expensive bills and inflation.

But there is the possibility of being definitively exempted from paying the stamp. This is not fake news, but obviously this chance does not concern all motorists, but only protects certain categories.

Stop car tax? Yes, but only for certain categories: here is who can request the exemption

In particular, there are two categories of citizens who can apply for and obtain a permanent exemption from the much hated Auto Stamp. We first refer to those who have access to Law 104.

These are people with a proven physical or mental disability, or health situations that fall under the benefits of Law 104 and that allow holders not to pay road tax on their car.

This exemption also applies to family members of the disabled person, if the disabled person is dependent on the family member. Remember that dependent family members are considered to have their own income up to €2,480.51 or up to €4,000 if they are under 24 years old. The disabled pass (websource)

Another category exempt from car tax is for those in possession of historic or vintage cars, or cars registered for at least 30 years. If still in circulation, owners are subject to a small flat-rate road tax.

There is also a sizable concession for those buying hybrid or electric cars. For some of these cars there is an exemption from paying road tax, but not permanently. The state aid speaks of 3 or 5 years of stopping the car tax, which after this time slot will in any case also become obligatory for the owners of these vehicles.

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