Perfume the whole bathroom with these four natural remedies: here’s what they are



There are certain rooms in our house that we use much more often than others and the bathroom is just one of them. Being able to clean it thoroughly becomes a real priority in household chores. Its constant use, then associated with the vapors of the shower or humidity in general, favors the presence of bad odors, which can not only be really difficult to eliminate but which are also quite annoying.

But not everyone is aware that with these simple, natural and inexpensive tricks, you can always keep your bathroom smelling great. Small useful parenthesis: make sure you are able to use these tips indicated on the surfaces of your bathroom and avoid using them in case of allergies or particular hypersensitivity.

Roller tip: Let’s start with a very simple trick that will allow you to flood your bathroom with a fantastic, unique and pleasant fragrance. Have you ever heard of the roller trick? It will seem very strange to you, we know, but you will only need two components: a roll of toilet paper and the essential oil that suits you best. You can choose the one you prefer in order to have a relaxing effect, but lavender essential oil is the most suitable of all.

But if you prefer to transport yourself on a cool and sunny day, you can also opt for citrus essential oils: in short, you can let your imagination run wild. Once you have chosen the essential oil, you should apply a few drops inside the toilet paper roll and place it in the appropriate roll holder so that the fragrance can last longer. Bicarbonate: Another method is the bicarbonate method. Simply take a glass goblet, fill it with 3 fingers of baking soda and insert about ten drops of essential oil of your choice. Then insert a candle inside the jar and light it.

Change the water in the toilet brush: This trick may seem trivial to you even if it is in reality often underestimated, but the water that settles in the toilet brush holder can be a major source of bad odors. And finally, here is Grandma’s classic and infallible remedy: If you have a radiator or a heat source in the bathroom, you absolutely must try to put orange or lemon peel on it, to enjoy a natural and very intense fragrance. This remedy is 100% natural, inexpensive and extraordinarily effective: it will not disappoint you at all, rest assured.

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