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These days, with social media, fans are closer than ever to productions, directors, studios and stars. And you can be sure that such closeness makes them heard like never before. When a movement that is very wide and gains a lot of strength online, it ends up reaching the ears of the powerful. It was this current that prompted Warner to reconsider Snydercut, giving Zack Snyder carte blanche to make his vision for the Justice League a reality, for example. And it was fan noise that ultimately led Sony’s Spider-Man character to make a deal with Marvel (Disney) to play with the characters in the MCU.

It’s a two-way street, however, which can work positively, as in the cases mentioned above, but also negatively. Well, negatively for the actors, that is. But don’t you think the so called “mimimi”, the (often unreasonable) complaint of nerds and fanboys is now something with the internet. Before, what happened was thousands of letters sent to a studio. As we will see below. Thinking about the negative aspect of fan agitation (but not just theirs), we decided to bring this new list covering some castings of actors for big projects that have become very controversial, generating a bad buzz. Check out the performances that had to prove everyone wrong below.

And could we start the list some other way? Perhaps the most notorious case in movie history of an actor being rejected by fans even before seeing him in the role was when the late Heath Ledger was cast as one of the greatest villains. pop culture, the psychopath Joker in Batman – The Knight of Darkness (2008), by Christopher Nolan. Then immortalized by Jack Nicholson’s savage performance in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), the character is the main antagonist in the hero’s rich gallery. Ledger left at 28, which means he was quite young when he was hired for the role.

The character’s image has never been associated with that of a young man, let alone someone younger than Batman himself. Ledger was considered the youthful idol of films like 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) and Heart of a Knight (2001), and even his Oscar-nominated performance in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain (2005) did not. seeing fans as a possible Joker performer. Well, what we can say is that there isn’t a living soul who hasn’t swallowed the words after seeing the actor star in the second episode of the Nolan trilogy. Ledger even won a posthumous Oscar for the performance.

Ben affleck

Still in the Batman universe (and it looks like we’re here for a while), after Heath Ledger’s controversy in Joker, there was the backfire of the cast of the hero himself. What happens is that audiences never end up getting what they expect on paper, and they often even campaign aimlessly for a certain actor. When the news arrives on who will actually play, the wait is abandoned and trampled on. Add to that Christian Bale’s outstanding performance as a character – which everyone expected him to reprise the role.

So when Ben Affleck was announced, a new stir arose. The actor had previously played the hero Daredevil, for Marvel (Fox), a character very similar to Batman, in a movie today without any fan affection. It is, however, indisputable that after becoming a handful of directors, Affleck has also improved considerably as an actor. And in the universe director Zack Snyder had envisioned, one item that garnered praise was Affleck’s performance as Batman / Bruce Wayne. Too bad the movies he appeared in didn’t help much. The actor deserved a solo film to show his full potential.

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Again, a performer of Batman in the movies suffered a great rejection, even before the film was released. Interestingly, the only actors who weren’t rejected were the ones who turned out to be the worst, see Val Kilmer and George Clooney (aside from Christian Bale). The newest on the list, Robert Pattinson, has everyone on alert as well, but since we haven’t been able to assess his performance yet, let’s leave this one on hiatus. Here we’ll cover the hiring of Michael Keaton, who had worked with Tim Burton on Beetlejuice (1988) and was known for his comedy films.

The turmoil for the time, as the internet did not yet exist, occurred through hundreds of letters sent to the Warner studio, a story director Kevin Smith recounts in several interviews. Keaton didn’t have any of the images fans imagined of Batman, tall, strong, and gallant. To give this restless crowd a “lion’s calm,” Warner released the first image of the actor in the hero armor, which left everyone speechless. At the launch, everyone, including critics, praised “Ordinary Man” Keaton’s performance in the role.

Batman aside for a bit, but remaining in the DC movie universe, the announcement of the hiring of Israeli Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the company’s greatest heroine, was also received under seven. stones. At the time known only for her role as Gisele, the “model thief” of the Fast and Furious franchise, Gadot didn’t have, say, a very long CV where he could demonstrate his dramatic performance.

However, the main complaint was not even about his possible performance, but his physical form. With the appearance of a model, Gadot was considered too “skinny” to live the muscular and imposing Amazon of the stories to which the public was accustomed. To smooth things out, Gadot soon exhibits “blooming” photos at the gymnasium. Well, she hasn’t changed much, but it was her charisma that showed she was born for the role, gaining attention from her early days in Batman vs. Superman (2016). However, it is in the heroine’s first solo film of 2017 that Gal Gadot will delight the world and become a leading Hollywood star.

When author Lee Child created the protagonist of his books, Jack Reacher, he described a tall, strong, and… blond man. Well, having a name like Tom Cruise associated with his film adaptation project, even though it had nothing to do with those characteristics, the writer had no complaints. Thus, Cruise starred in two films as a character. But with fantasy horror writer Anne Rice, that’s not quite how the “band played”. Rice is the author of the book Interview with the Vampire and of the literary series of this universe known as The Vampirescas Chronicles.

As it turns out, the protagonist of this universe is the vampire known as Lestat, a mature and cynical antihero often seen as the antagonist of the story. For the role, Rice wanted someone with the sophistication of Briton Julian Sands. Warner, on the other hand, aiming to attract a larger audience, opted for a very hot name of the time, that of Tom Cruise. Considered by Rice to be too young, too American and too thrilling, Cruise’s choice infuriated the author, who openly went public with his outrage. After seeing the outcome of the film and Cruise’s performance, all Rice had to do was a letter of apology to the star.

Today, no one can think of Bruce Willis and not think of action movies. The star became a big name in the industry when he starred in Duro de Matar (1988), still considered by most critics and audiences to be one of the greatest action movies of all time. It was this film that opened the doors for Willis to star in all the other feature films of the genre that made his career, in addition, of course, to the sequel to this franchise. But there was a time when the name Willis caused more doubt than certainty when thinking of action heroes.

It turns out that the actor came to the entertainment world thanks to the series A Gata eo Rato (Moonlighting), 1985 to 1989, where he played the stick David, a private investigator. His “naughty” way, full of jokes and ironies, associated Willis much more with comedy. So when the commercial for Duro de Matar hit theaters as a trailer, audiences laughed, thinking it would be a comedy. The flashback caused Fox to remove the actor’s image from promotional art, only replacing it after the film was a success and Willis proved himself to everyone with his acting. ‘actor. It is not easy for anyone.

Unlike Gal Gadot, who was considered too thin to be Wonder Woman in the movies, young Jennifer Lawrence saw the flip side of the controversy surrounding her name as she was cast to play Hunger Games protagonist Katniss Everdeen. It turns out that J-Law was considered, say, too tall, too tall, and overall too tall for the role. Other than that, Lawrence had just appeared on the scene, and didn’t have a lot of jobs, which cast doubt on the actress’ ability to carry a franchise of this size on her back. Although he already had an Oscar nomination (Winter of the Soul) at that time.

By painting her usual blonde tresses brown, Lawrence not only proved fit to be a millionaire protagonist, but also became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, in large part thanks to that aforementioned franchise – perhaps the last of its kind to really succeed. . But J-Law wouldn’t completely distract from the rejection and was boycotted by Sharon Tate’s full sister when she was targeted to play her in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, replaced by Margot Robbie.

We have already seen that for some roles too much beauty can get in the way, presenting itself as a “curse”. The truth is, most idols and muses want to be seen as something more than a pretty face. The desire of the actors is to prove their dramatic reach, preferring to be recognized as talented. Many artists have already suffered from the “weight” of beauty. However, others suffer from the opposite and hear criticism of her lack of beauty, for example. That’s what star Daniel Craig went through when he was cast to be the new James Bond, 007, of the movies. The list of sophisticated performers ranged from the iconic Sean Connery to models and actors with a lot of sweetness.

Craig, on the other hand, looks shabby, lacking the sophistication, subtlety or appeal and quality that was essential to the role until then. Many even joked that Craig looked more like a mason than the most elegant hero in cinema. With the brucutu look, having worked for the role, becoming the strongest, earthiest Bond in the franchise, what Craig heard the most was criticism – including for not having the expected good looks. Well, that at least until the premiere of Casino Royale (2006), his first foray, as soon as the actor became the most human Bond and also the favorite of much of the public, critics and critics alike. fans.

We ended the list with what would be one of the greatest injustices in movie history. After all, would you imagine anyone other than Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in the Godfather franchise? Well, in 1972 Al Pacino was an unknown and distinguished young actor. And while he fell in favor of director Francis Ford Coppola, who fought for him, the studio just didn’t see the actor in the role and wanted a name with more weight. Paramount’s favorite at the time was Robert Redford, more typically an “idol”. It wasn’t until they got to see the ability and performative reach of Pacino, now considered one of the best actors of all time, when he played his character’s key moment (the restaurant scene where he has to kill a man), that the studio accepted that Pacino was the right guy for the job.

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