Paypal, beware of this scam: up to 1000 euros to have



With the advancement of technology, scams are around the corner: beware of those on PayPal who steal money

On the net, scams are constantly multiplying and the advancement of technology can do nothing against those who constantly find tricks to steal sensitive data and money from the poor unfortunates.

Scams coming to Paypal (web source)

Scams against account holders are on the agenda, unfortunately, despite the attempt to warn all the less experienced who find themselves in terrible situations. In the past few weeks alone, many customers have reported attempted scams online. PayPal, although very sure of itself, hides several traps from third parties willing to sneak into other people’s accounts.

In fact, in itself, the American company that offers a digital payment service has been a guarantee for years: anyone who relies on it to be able to exchange money online thanks to the security it offers. As if that were not enough, in fact, PayPal makes it possible to make online payments – sometimes insidious – without even communicating your debit card data. Nevertheless, the bad guys are always around the corner, ready to steal anything from us.

PayPal, beware of this scam: it’s a phishing attempt

The PayPal logo (web source)

Some malicious hackers practice a series of phishing attempts, just like banking scams. In particular, it would seem that the modus operandi is always the same: the victims receive SMS or e-mails in which communications arrive concerning credit on virtual accounts up to 1,000 euros. Like any self-respecting scam, here too, a link to click is attached to the message: the goal of the bad guys is to seize the access credentials to the platform in order to be able to undermine themselves.

When the data is shared – even if the platform seems to be the original one, in reality there will always be something different – in a few moments, we give hackers permission to access our accounts and that’s it: the card can be used to make online purchases of all kinds using our funds.

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