Paulo Gustavo’s situation is still serious, but the actor shows improvement



Paulo Gustavo, 42, remains hospitalized in intensive care in a serious situation, but he showed improvement on Thursday (15).

According to the bulletin sent by the actor’s staff, doctors were able to control the bleeding and remain confident in his recovery.

“We are no longer detecting signs of bleeding. The patient’s clinical situation, although still critical, gives the professional team more confidence in his recovery. We are aware that we still have a long way to go, ”the statement said.

Also according to the medical bulletin, all the equipment necessary for life support, such as mechanical ventilation and ECMO, are still needed.

The actor breathes using ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) therapy, a type of artificial lung.

“We opted for the initiation of adjunct ECMO treatment, with the aim of allowing better recovery of lung function. After the worsening, the situation has remained stable in recent hours, ”says the medical bulletin.

The actor is admitted to the ICU of the Copa Star hospital, in Copacabana, southern zone of Rio.

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“At this time when the whole planet is so sad, we must build on and uplift our faith! Our friend Paulo Gustavo, faces an arduous and painful fight! So, on this blessed Easter Sunday, we will unite our faith, with great strength and energy, at 6 p.m., a very busy schedule on a very special day! Each with his faith, his religion, his beliefs, but above all a lot of energy! », Posted the father of actor Júlio Marcos, on Instagram.

Paulo’s husband Thales Bretas also increased demand and reminded subscribers that:

“This virus is really very treacherous, aggressive and contagious! Please, who can, stay home, take care of yourself, wear face mask and alcohol gel all the time! Let’s continue in prayer! He will be fine !!! ”

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