party picks for House and Senate group leaders



Italian Parliament (generic) – Photo by Ansa Foto

We are heading straight for the formation of the new government. Today the parties vote for the presidents of the parliamentary groups and tomorrow, Wednesday October 19, Montecitorio and Palazzo will choose their vice-presidents, the quaestors and the secretaries to complete their respective mandates.

FdI confirms outgoing group leaders

“The Fdi will keep the same, taking it out. We will see in the future if it will be necessary to make changes. In this phase, there needs to be an accompaniment by the hand of the outgoing group leaders,” Giovanni Donzelli, responsible for the organization of the Brothers of Italy, told Rtl 102.5.

Forza Italia chooses Alessandro Cattaneo and Licia Ronzulli

As for Forza Italia, on the other hand, Silvio Berlusconi named Alessandro Cattaneo and Licia Ronzulli as voting indications. “There are different roles, that of group leader is one of the most important. I thank Berlusconi for the trust,” MP Cattaneo said. Licia Ronzulli’s suggestion was accepted by the party, which voted for it.

Lega also confirm outgoing group leaders

The League, like the FdI, is set to confirm the outgoing group leaders in both the House and the Senate. In Montecitorio, therefore, Riccardo Molinari (who was in the running for the presidency, but Lorenzo Fontana was then elected) could stay, while Massimiliano Romeo is reconfirmed at Palazzo Madama.

Continuity also in the Democratic Party

Enrico Letta indicated the female group leaders for both chambers, with the confirmed names of Debora Serracchiani in the Chamber and Simona Malpezzi in the Senate. With regard to the vice-presidents, on the other hand, in this case too, the choice is made by women. “It also depends on whether we have gender vulnerability. For this reason, also for the vice-presidency, my proposal is to reconfirm Anna Rossomando as vice-president of the Senate. Also in the hemicycle, I will propose a female vice-president, one of the most representative figures of our party”. So said Enrico Letta after also asking for confirmation from the group leaders. In the Chamber, the assumption is Anna Ascani vice-president.

Party meetings are underway. The meeting between Enrico Letta and the Democratic senators is scheduled for 2 p.m.

The choice of the 5 Star Movement

The 5 Star Movement should confirm Francesco Silvestri as group leader in the House, while there could be a novelty in the Senate: Barbara Floridia. Mariolina Castellone, outgoing group leader, could be appointed as vice-president of the Senate.

Meetings at the Quirinal can begin with the new group leaders to discuss the formation of the new executive. In the hemicycle, meetings for the election of group leaders are convened today at 3 p.m., while in the Senate they are convened at 2 p.m. The first conference of group leaders of the new legislature will be held at 5 p.m.

The Chamber is convened for tomorrow at 2 p.m., when the deputies will have to elect four vice-presidents, three assistant quaestors and at least eight assistant secretaries. Palazzo Madama, on the other hand, is convened tomorrow at 3 p.m., with the same agenda as the Chamber.

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