Paolo Bonolis, now he can rejoice: the news that everyone wanted to hear



Famous TV presenter Paolo Bonolis has made an incredible announcement: fans are thrilled and excited.

Without a doubt, Paolo Bonolis is one of the most famous men in the world of entertainment. His career in television is one of the longest and most successful, indeed he has worked on the small screen for more than thirty years, since he directed Bim bum bam in the 80s. has since passed and a lot has changed, but not the affection the public has for it. For this reason, the public was delighted after his last announcement.

Paolo Bonolis – Solocine.it

When we talk about the presenter, we cannot fail to mention Luca Laurenti, his faithful collaborator for almost thirty years, as well as his best friend. The two began working together in the early 1990s, forming one of the longest and most beloved partnerships in television history. They are not only colleagues, but also great friends: it was Bonolis, for example, who introduced him to the woman who would become his wife a few years later.

Speaking of private life, that of the showman is also well known. He married twice: the first to American psychologist Diane Zoeller, with whom he had two children in the 1980s, and the second in 2002 to columnist and entrepreneur Sonia Bruganelli, with whom he had three more. .

Paolo Bonolis, the incredible statement

Over many years of career, Paolo Bonolis has really worked on many projects, which have always achieved some success. One of the newest and oldest is Avanti other, a game show he has been running with the Maestro for more than ten editions. For a time he was replaced by his colleague Gerry Scotti. Recently, the presenter gave an interview for Télé Sourires et Chansons, where he talked about his professional life and his future work plans, and explained that there is very important news on the way.

Paolo Bonolis – Solocine.it

This statement blew everyone away: “From Epiphany, the new series of ‘Go another one!’ and in early March ‘Ciao Darwin’ returns”. That’s right, in a few months not only will its traditional early evening quiz return, but also one of its most famous and historic programs, first broadcast over twenty years ago. Finally, he adds that he has written a new book, Late Night, and talks about his relationship to writing: “In writing, another part of myself comes out. I have sensitivity and I can’t help it”.

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