Pamela Prati, like in the days of Bagaglino: the transformation is mind-blowing



Showgirl Pamela Prati has been working in television since she was little: do you remember her at the time of Bagaglino? It was like that when he was twenty.

Pamela Prati has been talking a lot about her lately. She is currently in the Big Brother Vip house, where issues and controversies have already emerged, though few are directed at her directly. We have witnessed, in fact, the serious case of intimidation towards the actor Marco Bellavia and the love crises between Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi.

Pamela Prati – Solocine.it

The showgirl with long dark hair began to take her first steps in show business at a very young age and has not stopped since, having understood that television was her true path. In recent years, however, he had greatly reduced his presence in front of the screen. Later, she explained that it happened because she finally fell in love. In fact, we all know the story of Mark Caltagirone, which is still much talked about today.

The presenter, in fact, had fallen in love with a man who, it turned out, had never existed. She has always maintained that she did not suspect anything and that she was the first to be deceived. I have known for several months about the case of the invented lover in various shows, from Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin to Afternoon 5 by Barbara D’Urso.

But what did Pamela Prati look like when she was young? Have you seen it before?

Pamela Prati, the photo of when she was young

Pamela Prati is 63 years old today, but she started working in the show business around the age of twenty. She began in the 70s as a model and model, but the qualitative leap in her career came in 1987, when she was noticed by the director Pier Francesco Pingitore, who made her the star of several shows of the Bagaglino company, very important at the time. .

In the following years, she also became a host and presented various very famous television shows, from The you know the last one? a Serious. It was certainly the richest and most eventful period of work for Pamela Prati, who has always shown that she was made for this environment thanks to her great talent and her perseverance. But have you ever seen a picture of him from those years?

Pamela Prati – Solocine.it

She is certainly beautiful today, but at the time she was one of the most fascinating women on the small screen. It can be seen, oddly enough, that over time she never really changed her look, and long hair has always been an important feature of her appearance.

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