Over 75% of Brits Say They’re Greener Today Than They Were 10 Years Ago: Poll



Artem Beliaikin

A poll of 2,000 adults found three-quarters of respondents said they were greener today than they were a decade ago—with a large majority believing they have a responsibility to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Making greener choices than ever before, 58 percent described being environmentally-conscious as a ‘badge of honor’.

Collecting rainwater, turning off lights, and carrying reusable bags for shopping are among the top 10 ways Brits are helping the planet.

Other top hacks include giving up single-use water bottles and only washing clothes if they look dirty.

Yet 55 percent still want to ‘up their eco game’ and make even better choices for the planet.

The survey was carried out by OnePoll and commissioned by Yeo Valley Organic, which uses regenerative farming in its practices.

“It’s more important than ever to learn new green habits, and we love sharing good choices for both people and the planet,” said spokesperson, Beth Jones.

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“What’s especially great about a lot of the green habits many Brits are already incorporating into their everyday routine is, as well as having a positive impact on people’s health and the planet, they’re also clever ways to save money.”

When it comes to becoming more eco-friendly, more than a quarter (26%) feel there is not enough education around being sustainable—and individuals have looked to TV shows, social media, and friends for inspiration.

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Top motivations for becoming greener have included saving money (39%), feeling guilty for past habits (25%), and becoming a parent (24%).


1. Turn off lights when not in the room
2. Using reusable bags at supermarkets
3. Wearing more layers instead of turning up the heat
4. Giving up single-use water bottles
5. Buying loose produce rather than packed in plastic
6. Only washing clothes if they look dirty
7. Washing clothes with cold water
8. Collecting rainwater for plants
9. Composting food scraps
10. Swapping disposable razor for reusable one

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