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‘Orphan Black’: Netflix original series to be DELETED from streaming platform



Netflix is ​​constantly renewing its programming schedule with the release and deletion of several titles from its streaming platform. However, it is rare and unlikely to see the service remove productions that were originally produced by itself.

Still, Netflix’s acclaimed original series “Orphan Black” will be removed in its entirety from the streaming schedule.

The five seasons of the production, which stars Tatiana Maslany, bid farewell to the catalog on August 13.

“Orphan Black” premiered in 2013 and told the story of Sarah Manning, a “rebel without a cause” who one night witnessed the suicide of a businesswoman while jumping in front of the train – a woman who looked a lot like him. . As a very skillful con artist, she sees an opportunity to assume her identity until she realizes that changing her life would be too dangerous – including clone experiences that explain her resemblance to Beth and six others. characters.

Check out last season’s trailer:

The series was played by Maslany, who was widely acclaimed for her multiple roles, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Drama figure in 2016.

Make sure to watch:


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