Orietta Berti very badly: someone is drifting what he says behind the scenes of the GF Vip



Orietta Berti in this brand new and crackling edition of GF Vip took the place of columnist of the beautiful Adriana Volpe and seems to fulfill her role correctly, but there are some who did not hesitate to consider her a “fish out of the water” …

Orietta Berti seems to have gotten very angry because of someone spilling things, according to her fakes, about her talking behind the scenes as the father of all reality shows… But let’s proceed a bit now. little by little, with the story of the facts…

Orietta Berti GF Vip Solocine.it

Someone seems to have passed some unflattering words on singer Orietta Berti regarding her current job as a columnist at Big Brother Vip, leaking things that have never, ever been proven to be true that the singer is a bit – so to speak proverbially – a “wide-mouthed frog”. This was not at all appreciated by the artist, but who is it? Who is to blame for talking too much?

Sonia makes an important revelation about Orietta

It would be another historic commentator on the show, or Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis. Orietta Berti at GF Vip seems to be a bit of a fish out of water and in each episode – more than speaking and judging the dynamics of Vippos – she tells anecdotes and curiosities about her life and that of her husband Osvaldo. Sonia Bruganelli, who saw the singer in front of and behind the cameras, revealed to the general public a very interesting background that no one knew…. Viewers were literally stunned!

Orietta would say very bad things…

“I’m having a great time with Orietta Berti, on TV she says nice things but off the cameras she says very bad things. But really, huh! He’s still melting, in my opinion he will be able to bring out ‘ oretti’ obvious”, said Sonia Bruganelli when she was recently a much appreciated guest on the Maurizio Costanzo Show, then taking – as they say – “the ball to jump” to speak, as it should also be, of the competitors of the House and the “Bellavia Affair”.

Sonia Bruganelli, she is the culprit of “talking too much” Solocine.it

“If I know everyone? Well, I can’t tell. Alfonso is very good and the competitors all have stories. There are those who have a history on television like Cristina Quaranta, Wilma Goich, Charlie Gnocchi, Gegia and Patrizia Rossetti. But there are also young people who have stories, like Ciupilan”, revealed the one who immediately added : “Marco Bellavia had a difficult situation in there. I think he too overestimated his strength to get there. Also because in there it’s true that they didn’t behave very well, but it’s also true that no one was ready to imagine such obvious suffering and psychic discomfort…”

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