‘O Shaolin do Sertão’, the comedy from director ‘Cine Holliúdy’, is out now on Netflix



The national comedy ‘O Shaolin do Sertão’, by Halder Gomes, is out now on Netflix. The production debuted last Sunday (11) on the program.

In the plot, Aluízio Li (Edmilson Filho) is a martial arts enthusiast, who lives in a fantasy world and dresses and behaves like a Shaolin monk. His days of peace will come to an end when former MMA fighter Toni Tora Pleura (Fábio Goulart) announces a challenging “tour” through several towns in the interior of Ceará, including Quixadá, where Aluízio lives. Without credibility and the victim of an opportunist political plot, he has the difficult mission of defending the honor of the region, relying only on the support of his inseparable friend Piolho (Igor Jansen) and the faith of his mother Dona Zefa ( Fafy Siqueira).

Remember that the comedy is also available in TeleCine streaming.

Watch the trailer:

Dedé Santana, Marcos Veras, Falcão, Igor Jansen, Fábio Goulart, Frank Menezes and Cláudio Jaborandy are the stars.

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