Notice to Italians: Expiry of the SuperBonus! Hurry to claim deductions



Official communication from the tax authorities arrives regarding the now imminent expiry of the 110% SueprBonus for works and renovations

For some time, the Government has put in place a very important facilitation with regard to the work of individuals and companies, particularly in the construction and infrastructure sector.

SuperBonus 110 (web source)

We are talking about the 110% SuperBonus. A series of tax deductions approved during the first Covid pandemic to make structures, buildings and buildings in our territory more eco-sustainable.

These deductions are arranged and approved for the renovation of buildings, the recovery or restoration of the facade of buildings, the energy requalification, the reduction of seismic risk, the installation of photovoltaic solar systems and infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles, even at 110%.

October Deadline Month for SuperBonus 110: Here’s When to Apply

However, all subjects or companies who intend to apply for the SuperBonus 110 must hurry. Indeed, the deadline for these important tax deductions for work is very close.

The request must be communicated to the Revenue Agency by October 15 electronically or by connecting to the Treasury’s institutional website and, through the reserved area, access the requests for SuperBonus 110 and the corresponding deductions to be declared on the declaration subsequent income. Renovation work (Pixabay)

In October therefore, for certain taxpayers, the deadline for exercising the option of the discount on the invoice or the transfer of the credit expires.

The communication of the expenses made for the interventions on the individual real estate units must be transmitted through the web service available in the reserved area of ​​the Revenue Agency website or through the AE telematic channels:

by the beneficiary of the deduction, directly or by using an intermediary, for interventions for which there is no obligation to request the compliance visa and the certificate/sworn statement of the adequacy of expenditure incurred; by the person who issues the compliance visa, for all other interventions.

In the case of interventions carried out on the common parts of the buildings, the communication of the option can be sent, exclusively by the telematic means of the Tax Agency:

by the syndic, directly or by using an intermediary, for interventions for which there is no obligation to request the compliance visa and the sworn statement of the adequacy of the expenses incurred; for all other interventions, by the subject issuing the compliance visa or by the trustee, directly or through an intermediary.

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