Nothing mandatory for the purchase of this product: earthquake in Italy



Nothing mandatory for the purchase of this product: earthquake in Italy. The news is a lot of talk and there’s a reason

The product in question, namely cigarettes, can no longer be paid for by cards and ATMs. The tobacconists can refuse the transaction, a turn that many do not like.

Compulsory payment with POS (AnsaFoto)

The payment revolution has created new habits for all citizens. For years, attempts have been made to favor transactions by card or ATM, to fight against tax evasion and to reduce the circulation of cash. All marked, traced, even for simple low-income purchases. However, there are exceptions in this discourse and concern for example the category of tobacconists. In fact, the latter will be exempted from the obligation to accept payments with POS, as announced by the Italian Federation of Tobacconists in a recent announcement. This move to reject ATMs and cards is a small victory for the category after quite a long battle.

The Federtabaccai Association, through the words of National President Mario Antonelli, communicated its satisfaction in terms of income and expenditure.

Since the introduction of the mandatory character of the TPV, several complaints have been lodged for refused transactions. For example, the Marche tobacconist who refused to charge a 3 euro transition with an ATM was fined 30 euros.

Nothing compulsory for the purchase of cigarettes: the battle won by Federtabaccai

You can also buy cigarettes by refusing payment with POS (AnsaFoto)

As mentioned, these episodes will no longer occur. From now on, it will no longer be possible to pay for cigarettes by card or at the ATM if the merchant does not deem it appropriate. The association of tobacconists won the battle started last summer to refuse electronic payments on monopoly products.

In an official note, Federtabaccai said: “This is a problem that we have been pursuing without saving energy for a long time. The low marginality of these products and services cannot be reconciled with the transaction costs of electronic money”.

What had been imposed from July 1, 2022, or the obligation to accept payment of any amount via TPV, will no longer be applicable in the aforementioned cases.

With the new conquest of associations of tobacconists, the consumer’s right to choose the method of payment he deems most appropriate remains active. For their part, however, given the low profit margins in certain situations, exhibitors may express their refusal.

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