NORSTRAT: A Service For A New Way To Business



In our current world, there are major contributions made every day to move the world toward an advanced stage. To be a part of such an advanced hour, every individual with a vision for small or large-scale business looks for means to gain support. If you are a business person and have a contribution to make in the business arena, you should know about Norstrat.

Norstrat is the ultimate answer for you no matter if you are a small based business owner or a large one with a focused vision in northern Canada. Norstat Consulting will solve your worries regarding the major elements of your business infrastructure and development, mainly the planning and development stage where a solid strategy boosts the business to a fruitful future with the help of Norstrat in Canada’s north. 

How does Norstrat Consulting Operate? 

Norstrat is a consulting company that operates to implement the components of the Canadian northern strategy, primarily working with the aim to support the development of businesses and growth for success. 

They work to help their customers with their vision and startup plan of business and lead them on to achieve their dream success by helping in building the base of their business vision or growth. It is owned and run by Mr. Lee Carson, who is a dedicated member of Canada’s aerospace community with a dedication toward Canada’s polar regions and their development. 

Hence, Norstrat consulting wants to support and work for the development of Canada’s northern business development sector, by supporting the person’s who plan to develop and grow their business in the region. This way, Norstrat Consulting assists not only the individuals and their dream for their business projects but a bigger benefit i.e. for the Canadian northern strategy. 

How Can Norstrat Help Build You? 

Norstrat is a consulting firm that works to provide expert advice to business clients, it does this by giving them guidance through the Canadian northern strategy. Their guidance covers all

aspects of ensuring their valued customers get expert knowledge on the development and planning areas of business if they want to build in the northern sector. 

They assist by suggesting the appropriate stakeholders that would work with the client’s specific goal to boost those who have the same business goals and share the specifications with the client for their business, they also equip the customers with the necessary areas of key knowledge they should focus on if their focus is to build in Canada’s northern corner with their strategy. 

The advice is specifically provided for each client considering their personal goals and targets for their business, to ensure that expert assistance is given based on each client’s demands and vision keeping in consideration how they can move further on the ladder by applying the applicable northern strategy. 

They highlight the relevant opportunities and key areas where investment would be better. However, as each client is especially considered so the key elements and the consulting depend on and differ for all their clients. 

Major Services Offered by Norstrat: 

Below is a summary list of some of the major services offered by this company, they offer a wide range of services that has earned Norstrat company its name. 

● Providing Digital Marketing Services 

In these times when online integrated systems are working and consumers can be acquired and dealt with through the means of the internet on a global scale. Business models now no matter the sector need quality digital marketing expertise to build their direct consumer base for the success of business in northern development. 

Therefore, Norstrat provides this necessary service which is the top requirement for the establishment of a business in current times. 

● Providing Project Development Service 

Now when project management is necessary for many high-running businesses, lack of planning and management in this area is one of the major causes why any business doesn’t boost. Therefore, to ensure you are in safe hands Norstrat is the solution to expert management to increase the chances of success with each project.

● Offers Expert Capital Project Management 

Norstrat is renowned for its capital project management as they not only provide this service but also provides the necessary training to instill professional capital management in its customers with their businesses. 

The training programs they offer are the professional training that is essential for the continuing development of expert individuals with updated knowledge and skills to be able to execute the best strategies and plans for their business development. They provide training for all large-scale development businesses from varying sectors so that success is built on a long-term basis and not just the short-term profit of their customers. 

On the other hand, they also provide workshops and training under this service to the executive level to equip them with the essential professional skills to teach business persons the way to executively mitigate issues and risks while also teaching them new ways to approach better capitalization. 

● Risk Management Service 

The primary concern for any large-scale business is to timely identify and control its specific risks that can hinder the process of capital and revenue of the business if not identified timely. All businesses require risk management to deal with issues that pose specific risks to each customer’s business. 

Therefore, Norstrat provides this necessary risk management service to all of its customers for the development in the northern Canadian sector. 

● Direction Plan For The Northern Strategy Campaign 

Norstrat focuses on strategizing the businesses according to the government’s northern strategy plan that is to be taken as a reference point for all businesses whether starting or stuck with no growth. Norstrat performs this by equipping their customers with the strategy campaign and how following it will result in undoubtedly the success and collective growth of the businesses and the northern development of Canada.

● Leadership to Entrepreneurship Programs 

Norstrat Consulting is a worthy place where you are guaranteed growth in the business arena as you plan to lift up your business model planning and development to its peak growth point. For that first, a leadership approach is necessary to handle the required risks and direction your business should be directed in by you in the leadership position. Hence, Norstrat provides this program to its customers and has earned its quality from its customers who have successfully followed these approaches in their businesses. 

Entrepreneurship Programs by Norstrat are aimed to teach expert ways and strategies to entrepreneurs who want to grow and build a business name that reaches its peak potential. Expert word on the improvement areas and exercising practical judgments is what this program offers by Norstrat. 

There are various other major services that are provided by Norstrat Consulting making it the best-renowned organization for self-made individuals who want to begin their business ride and establish themselves as a booming business no matter the industry. 

Where Does Norstrat Operate? 

Norstrat operates from the place of Ottawa, which is their chosen base due to being close and connected to the various departments and government agencies at a closer distance which works and handles the development of the northern areas. 

Setting Ottawa as its official base point from where Norstrat provides its consulting services to all clients whether from the base country of Canada to the United States or across from Europe. 


Norstrat’s main vision is to work for supporting all relevant services to business individuals who want to build in the northern development of Canada. They perform this by providing services of essential expertise and guidelines to business individuals for the larger infrastructure motive of the Canadian northern area. 

Norstrat’s aim is to lead businesses to success and long term growth by targeting to support all their clients in the development and planning for their venture in the Canadian northern business sector as this will not only pave the way for a higher growing business sector but also supporting and contributing to the vision of the government’s northern strategy.

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