‘Nocebo’: Eva Green to star in new psychological thriller



According to Variety, Eva Green (“Penny Dreadful“) will star in the psychological thriller “Nocebo”, which will be directed by Lorcan Finnegan (“Vivarium”).

The cast will also include Mark Strong (“Shazam!”) And Chai Fonacier.

The plot follows a fashion designer (Green) who suffers from a mysterious illness that intrigues her midfielders and frustrates her husband (Strong), until help arrives in the form of a Filipino caregiver ( Fonacier), who uses an alternative remedy to reveal a terrifying truth.

Garret Shanley is responsible for the script. “Nocebo” is the antonym for “placebo” and refers to the Nocebo effect, in which the patient’s negative thinking results in a negative outcome.

The plot will delve into topics about consumerism, human exploitation, and the fast-paced fashion industry, as well as the power of the brain to decide whether to hurt or heal the physical body.

Filming is currently taking place in Ireland.

New information should be published soon.

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