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New turnaround in Serie A: now the exemption is very close



Another Serie A bench risks jumping, with the dispensation which for the moment seems close: who could say goodbye to the Italian championship.

Another twist could change the balance of Serie A. Indeed, one of the benches is increasingly threatened after the third consecutive defeat: the club is seriously considering the exemption.

a leagueA coach close to the waiver (Via WebSource)

Another KO happened for a Serie A manager yesterday and the situation is now just plain hot. The failure came in one of the 3pm matches and puts the manager in a hot chair, with the club currently considering the possibility of a waiver to change seasons.

It is obviously Spezia, beaten yesterday by Fiorentina at home. The 2-1 of the Viola ended, with the Ligurians at ten from the 82′ due to the expulsion of Nikolaou. To condemn the team of Luca Gotti, a goal in extremis of Cabral. After a convincing start, the classification is now shaking the Ligurian team.

Serie A, Luca Gotti close to exemption: La Spezia ready for the turning point

Series A exemptionLuca Gotti could be sacked very soon (Via WebSource)

The classification is now crying for La Spezia. In fact, at the moment, M’bala Nzola and his teammates are sixteenth with only 9 points and three points ahead of the relegation zone. The American club evaluates, thinks about what to do after another fall of its team. Strong choices cannot be ruled out, such as the dismissal of the coach which happened this summer after leaving Udinese a few months earlier. At the moment, Gotti is under observation, but if he doesn’t score in the next game, he could say goodbye to the Juventus team.

There are several names that could take its place. At the moment, the most eligible replacements are Andreazzoli, Ballardini (starting expert in the current season) and D’Aversa, the latter still under contract with Sampdoria. Given the foreign ownership and the presence, as DS, of the Spanish ex-Fiorentina Macia, a foreigner could be hired or in any case an evocative name such as the German, the highly esteemed Italian-German here in our country and fresh from the experience for Leipzig. In fact, the latter is currently without a team and could be the right name for La Spezia.

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