New Netflix Series Gets 100% CRITICAL APPROVAL; Check!



Netflix launched a new wave of series and one of them won the reviews, receiving 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes – the perfect score.

This is “The Bastard Son of the Devil”, a fantasy series based on Sally Green’s “Half Bad” trilogy.

The plot follows teenage Nathan (Jay Lycurgo), who is the illegitimate son of the world’s most powerful wizard and is constantly watched for not following in his father’s footsteps. But as the line between good and evil becomes harder to define, Nathan and his friends Annalize and Gabriel discover who he really is.

According to critics’ consensus, “The Devil’s Bastard Child” is “a clever adaptation that takes the bones of the much-loved book and adds its own flavor, while establishing Barton as one of the best television writers in the world.”

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The series was created and scripted by Joe Barton.

Nadia Parkes, Emilien Vekemans, Isobel Jesper Jones, Karen Connell, Paul Ready, David Gyasi, Kerry Fox, Fehinti Balogun, Misia Butler, Liz White and Roísin Murphy complete the cast.

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