New connection for the competitor of the GF Vip: the indiscretion confirms everything



The former competitor of Big Brother Vip would have been pinched during an evening, in the company of a new partner: did he console himself thus after the setbacks in love?

The Big Brother Vip is a showcase for many, including characters who are on the launch pad in the entertainment world, or those who are going through a lean period in terms of work or popularity.

The casting of the GF Vip (photo Vainty Fair)

It was also for a very respected former competitor who, thanks to the GF Vip, managed to make himself known and appreciated 100%. It is no coincidence that after this participation he became an important face of various television programs.

We are talking about Tommaso Zorzi. Influencer, presenter and television personality much appreciated for his spontaneity of character and for the professionalism with which he approaches different situations.

Zorzi, after winning the fifth edition of the GF Vip, embarked on various projects, such as managing Drag Race Italia and Tailor Made, becoming the fixed face of Real Time. But also his sentimental situation has been talked about, given the recent break with the dancer Tommaso Stanzani.

The indiscretion of Deianira Marzano: new partner for Tommaso Zorzi? Pizzicato in the disco…

Tommaso Zorzi is single again. Too bad, given that the couple formed with Stanzani had jumped to the top of the gossip news also for the beautiful feeling that there was between the two young people.

But this solitude could last very little. At least according to the rumors launched on Pipiol Tv by journalist Deianira Marzano. The latter let it be known that Zorzi would console himself in the arms of a new partner, named Walter. GF Vip 5, an archive image of former tenant Tommaso Zorzi (photo © Mediaset)

The former GF Vip winner had previously been nabbed at the nightclub in the company of another man, complete with an alleged kiss in public. But it appears not to be the aforementioned Walter, as Marzano admitted.

“Does Tommaso Zorzi have a new love after dancer Tommaso Stanzani? It would seem so. Many social clues, told in detail by one Twitter user in particular, would lead to a name… Walter. It seems that on Wednesday, November 9, the former Big Brother Vip winner started following the boy, Walter, on Instagram, and from that point on, it seems that he did nothing else. than hanging out with him in the clubs. Even Deianira Marzano on her social networks posted a video that features Zorzi with Walter and, on top of that, she claims to have received dozens of reports confirming the start of this new love.

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