New car incentives, reservations are underway: how many opportunities for Italians



New incentive cars, reservations are in progress: so many opportunities for Italians. There is the official date to start the Ecobonus Incentives 2022, here are the figures (ANSA)

The automotive market worldwide, not just in our country, was in deep crisis even before the tsunami pandemic that delivered the final blow. But Italy still wants to continue its ecological revolution for more sustainable mobility and this is demonstrated by the 2022 car incentives which are now official.
It was not until the decisions of the Draghi government were published in the Official Gazette for confirmation. Now it has happened and so the decree that contains all the changes, with the concessions for those who want to buy a new low-emission car, is real.
The new incentives for non-polluting cars, also called “Ecobonus cars”, are therefore in reality effective contributions for those who buy electric vehicles by scrapping an old vehicle. But there is also a very important novelty in the government documents and it is represented by another possibility. A measure that promotes the creation of new private and condominium charging stations alongside the classics.

Let’s get into the details and then see what the new car incentives 2022 come into effect. In practice, the figure for all those with an income of less than 30,000 euros has been increased. A 50% increase in the amount paid in the form of a bonus for the purchase of new vehicles with a class of at least Euro 6 and emissions between 0 and 20 g/km (electric cars) and a price catalog of 35,000 euros per maximum.
In this case you are entitled to 4,500 euros (previously they were 3,000) or 7,500 euros instead of the current 5,000 in the event of the scrapping of a vehicle prior to Euro 5. For vehicles with emissions of 21 to 60 g/km like hybrid cars, including plug-ins, with a maximum price of 45,000 euros, will be subject to a bonus of 3,000 euros (now 2,000) which will increase to 6,000 euros with scrapping instead of 4,000). The new decree also includes rental companies and operators as well as “legal persons who rent cars as long as they retain ownership for at least 12 months”. Car incentives 2022, the green light is given (ANSA)

In addition, for the year 2022, a contribution has been introduced for the purchase of standard electrical infrastructure for charging electrically powered vehicles. The amount will be 80% of the purchase and installation price, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per single applicant. Or 8,000 euros for an installation on the common areas of condominiums.

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