Never Buy That Tomato Sauce – Here’s Why



After a big scandal involving a well-known and very popular tomato brand in the market, consumers are a bit confused on how to choose the best brand of tomato sauce products to buy. At the moment there is a brand which, more than the others, is the favorite, but the main problem always remains the choice of a brand which really uses Italian tomatoes and not semi-finished or concentrated products, or even worse if they are imported from abroad. But how to understand if the tomato used in the supply chain is really of Italian origin?

Well, let’s say right away that the label should be its most transparent testimony in this regard, in the sense that it should provide all the truthful information both about the origin and about the ingredients that are used. Consumers after discovering that the tomato sauce of a well-known brand labeled as “100% Italian tomato” or “100% Tuscan tomato” was in fact tomato concentrate from abroad, sparked a great debate on the question.

The scandal surrounding this tomato sauce has highlighted how important it is to pay close attention to the food products that we bring to our tables every day. To test how much reality there is in all the information reported on the labels, sample tests were carried out among the most famous and marketed brands of all time. These tests mainly looked for the presence of pesticides and the presence of excess water. In the tests that the experts have carried out in the laboratory, all the tomato sauces have reached at least the minimum sufficiency even if there are more or less excessive differences in the products which therefore give rise to a classification of the best and the worst tomato sauces .

At the bottom of the ranking, this well-known Italian brand that we were talking about at the beginning was seen, a real scandal. The experts made another ranking in January of the year 2020, still concerning these tomato sauces and this brand was still in a rather unfavorable position. Among the parameters analyzed during the laboratory tests on the tomato sauces, the quality of the raw material used, the quantity of salt but also the presence of molds and pesticides could not however be missing. To make the test even more effective and objective, a taste test was planned and carried out on all the products to be checked.

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