Netflix, what a surprise: the spin-off of one of the most beloved series of all time is coming



Now Netflix is ​​ready to launch the spin-off of one of the most popular series among Italian audiences: the news has surprised everyone.

The news is never lacking on Netflix, with the platform that has decided to launch the spin-off of one of the most popular series among Italian audiences. A new surprise: let’s find out what happens during these hours.

Comes the spin-off of one of the most popular series (Via WebSource)

With a surprise announcement, Netflix revealed the arrival on the platform of Suburræterna, a spin-off of Suburra, one of the most successful Italian television series of recent years. For several months, Netflix’s position to expand the universe of Suburra was clear, following a strong push from fans of the series. After the third chapter, Suburra will finally also have its spin-off, set after the events of the third season of the parent series. The stories told are always inserted in the Roman context.

All the features that made the success of the story will then be taken up, taken from the novel of the same name written by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini. These days the first shootings of Ezio Abbate and Fabrizio Bettelli, Camilla Buizza, Marco Sani, Andrea Nobile and Giulia Forgione have also started. The story is original and takes shape at a different narrative level than Suburra, just to begin the expansion of the series in other directions. So let’s find out what will happen during the spin-off.

Netflix, the Suburra spin-off is coming: fans rejoice

All the news of the new series (via WebSource)

During the Suburra spin-off, the characters and their interpreters will also change, at least in part. The episodes in total will be eight but they will have different signings. The first four episodes will be directed by Ciro D’Emilio while the last four will be directed by Alessandro Tonda. According to previews, the first episode will be titled “Fireworks,” as revealed in the script cover photographed and posted to Netflix’s social profiles for the announcement of the start of filming.

To sponsor Suburræterna, on its social networks Netflix wrote: “Spadino, Cinaglia, Angelica and Nadia are about to return. Filming has begun on SUBURRA ETERNA, a new project that expands the Suburra universe and comes to life after the events of the final season. Coming to Netflix in 2023”. So everything is set for the return of the beloved TV series which is set in Rome and has managed to attract millions of fans.

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