Netflix users consume only 2% of streaming content per year



During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of Netflix continues to grow as new users subscribe to the streaming service.

With home theater showings becoming a more common habit, some users have watched hundreds of movies and series from the library.

However, Reviews.org set out to find out how much content available on Netflix is ​​consumed by average users, those who don’t spend 24 hours watching TV or glued to smartphones.

Currently, there are approximately 36,667 hours of content on Netflix, adding new attractions every week. From these figures, it would take at least four years, two months and eight days for the entire catalog to be erased.

During the survey, the portal reported that average users consume 733 hours of content per year, which equates to just 2% of the material available on the platform.

To arrive at the result, the researchers used data shared by Cindy Holland, vice president of original content at Netflix, and compared the information with the service’s total library run time.

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The survey also reveals that Netflix is ​​the streaming service with the most original content, with 5,400 titles compared to 2,657 from HUlU and 744 from Disney +.

In other words, even if you only watch exclusive content, you will not be able to complete the list in a year.

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