Netflix, the revolutionary gimmick to curb “freeloaders”: how it works



Here is the umpteenth Netflix gimmick, a novelty that the well-known streaming site has adopted to avoid too many free shares

News from Netflix regarding subscriptions to the streaming channel has often sparked discussion. Many people did not like the price increase and especially the low possibility of sharing the account.

The Netflix logo (web source)

Netflix’s intention is twofold: with these changes, it wants to try to avoid the subscription and interaction crisis that matters in this 2022. But at the same time, try to avoid so-called “freeloaders”, or those who leverage other people’s subscriptions to view exclusive channel content.

The latest gadget addresses precisely this question. Netflix has literally chosen to reject over-sharing of their accounts, with a method that helps those who actually own and pay for the subscription.

Netflix launches Profile Transfer: how to change accounts without deleting anything

The found in question is called Profile Transfer, or literally transferring your Netflix profile. As mentioned, this is an idea launched to respond to those who agree to pay the subscription and are forced to share it, despite themselves, with those who do not.

In this way, the user who will use the profile transfer will be able to change accounts, effectively deleting the one used previously, without losing anything. It used to be risky to do this to evade freeloaders or hackers because your data and viewing preferences on Netflix would be lost. All news for subscribers from this month (via WebSource)

In this mode, however, the streaming channel will keep the subscriber’s credentials intact, as well as the history of TV series and films already seen and those in view, as well as the products recommended according to their tastes. .

An option that Netflix wants to exploit to the full precisely to fight against those who access accounts daily without even paying a euro, perhaps behind the real owners. This kind of shared vision has cost Netflix millions of dollars, at least by 2022.

Additionally, the on-demand channel launched an “additional members” feature already offered in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru in March, charging users additional fees for additional people using their accounts.

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