Netflix Review | Restart: Zoe Saldaña shines in an exciting miniseries based on real events



Between joys, sorrows and losses there is a beautiful love story that we hardly see lately on streaming platforms. With all its romantic clichés and heartwarming catchphrases, Recomeço is a delicate miniseries that fully celebrates what has been demonized in entertainment today: family. Based on Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name, the new Netflix Original is a warm reminder that it’s possible to be reborn and rediscover Phileo’s love amidst the rubble of unending pain.

What makes Recomeço so valuable among so many titles from the streaming giant is its wide range of narrative scope. Although essentially a cross-cultural love story between a black American artist and an Italian chef, the production created by Tembi Locke and Attica Locke (with production by Reese Witherspoon) transforms this plot into a constructive basis for tackling the most important questions. diversity that permeates daily life. , such as professional dilemmas, family conflicts, existential crises and the usual things of everyday life.

A true real-life account, the production starring Zöe Saldaña and Eugenio Mastrandrea gives the impression of seeing the pages of a diary come to life on screen. The good, the bad and the ugly intertwine in harmony, comforting audiences in each episode with a palpable and identifiable story of how – at the end of all struggles – God’s grace still shines in a solar way. and festive. Amidst the pain, Locke has found a new lease of life to begin his journey anew and makes his victory a light, moving and encouraging tale capable of softening even the hardest of hearts.

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And while the narrative often borders on cheesy drama, that doesn’t make the experience any less valuable. With all its mannerisms and even its stereotypes and caricatures brought to the screen, Recomeço manages to lull us into the bumps and punches of reality that life as a couple ends up bringing, even if certain exaggerated characterizations make the protagonists exhausting in its first two episodes. But past the introductory period of the plot, the Locke sisters understand the need to dilute the construction of their characters and, by getting rid of cartoonish presentations, they manage to cross the line which separates a good series from a very bad one. and repetitive. .

With Zöe Saldaña in a touching and sensitive performance, the Netflix original mini-series always celebrates cultural differences, exalts Italian cuisine as a relief between the most dramatic scenes and manages to highlight the culturality of this people, even if she flirts with certain stereotypes. Inspirational and with a powerful message about family, Recomeço is the kind of entertainment we miss so much on Netflix. With a few biblical references that naturally permeate the narrative construction, the streaming original is an invigorating breath of life amid so much political partisanship that has flooded the entertainment industry.

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