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To our surprise and that of all service nostalgic, Netflix, the market leader in streaming, has invested heavily in the purchase of older films to be made available on its platform. Or should I say rent, because every now and then the movies are swapped for new ones. In any case, in recent months the company has presented a considerable number of productions from the 80s and 90s in its collection, to the delight of those who think that we no longer have films like before. Or just those who like to visit or revisit the past to learn.

So, we’re bringing in a whole new batch of Netflix movie tips so you don’t have to sift too hard when choosing what to watch – trust me, we know how exhausting and taxing it can be for you. nerves. But not only that, as the title suggests, this article is for those nostalgic who want to revisit beloved productions, or watch for the first time that movie that they always wanted to see and never had the luck not to find it easily. And yet a third type of spectator, the young man who did not know the films presented here, but being a real cinephile, decides to embark on the business. So come with us and find out below.

Highlander: The Immortal Warrior

With the announcement of a new upcoming Highlander, a remake starring Henry Cavill (DC’s Superman) and directed by the same director as the three John Wicks (starring Keanu Reeves), Netflix quickly made the original classic available in the new batch of movies in your collection. History everyone knows, Scottish immortals have clashed across the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Christopher Lambert plays protagonist Connor MacLeod and the late Sean Connery is his mentor Ramirez. Highlander turns 35 since its release in 2021, a perfect occasion to celebrate and revisit the film.

Dragnet: Defy the danger

Another typical ’80s copy, widely rerun in the afternoon session at the time, this comedic detective film is one of the forerunners of Buddy Cop and premiered in 1987, the same year as Lethal Weapon. and A Heavy Duty Cop 2. Based on a famous television set. series of the 50s, which later gave a revival at the end of the following decade, the proposal of the film is to use a lot of humor, absent from the television programs – something which was then repeated in Anjos da Lei ( 2012) and Baywatch (2017). Whoever runs the show is eternal “Ghost Hunting” Dan Aykroyd as straight and boxy detective Friday. His partner is the botched Streebek, the role of Oscar winner Tom Hanks in his comedic phase. Aykroyd also signs the script and the cast also includes the late Christopher Plummer.

John Carpenter is a genius director. Point. His work is so rich that the filmmaker is retired and is constantly referred to as one of the greatest. All this because he came out of an extremely creative era for cinema, the 70s and 80s. Like the retired masters Francis Ford Coppola and Brian De Palma, Carpenter delivered real nuggets at the time and his filmography is even more pop. Halloween, Escape from New York, Riddle from Another World and Raiders of the Forbidden Quarter are some of his most beloved films. Here we have a relatively darker one, and for that we have to thank Netflix a lot. Based on a short story titled “Eight in the Morning,” the film is a political critique of the ongoing consumerism and brainwashing that our society is receiving from the powerful. Here, these mighty ones are an alien race infiltrated into high-ranking sectors. The hero of this story? A proletarian vagrant, and what else?

It’s hard to see the rowdy and intense Robert De Niro having so much fun in a movie, even when he’s in comedies. Here in this 1988 film, we can see a smile on the corner of the star’s lips throughout the entire screening, even when he needs to deliver some serious moments of his character, the uncompromising bounty hunter Jack Walsh. All thanks to the perfect chemistry with stage actor Charles Grodin (who recently died on May 18 of this year). Influential and referenced to this day, the film shows De Niro having to bring a fugitive accountant to the authorities. The director is Martin Brest, from Um Tira da Pesada (1984) and Perfume de Mulher (1992).

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Another 1988 movie and another cop buddy. You could see that dysfunctional duet thrillers were a big trend in the 1980s, and on this list so far this one is third. Here, then-action king Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up with comedian James Belushi to hunt down the bad guys. Arnie is the Russian Ivan Danko (almost Ivan Drago), a strict policeman who is a real “exterminator robot” and goes to America in search of a criminal from his country. The thrill of the movie is the culture shock of having a Russian in America during the Cold War. The director is also a big name of the time, Walter Hill (The Warriors and 48 Hours).

Speaking of James Belushi, here we have one of the few films starring his older brother the sudden phenomenon John Belushi. Icon celebrated to this day, the actor experienced a very rapid passage in this universe, having died young at 33 years old, one year after the release of this 1981 film, which ends its 40 years of release in 2021. Belushi played in less than 10 years. films of his career and his most famous work is the cult Os Irmãos Cara de Pau (1980). Here we have a sort of Crocodile Dundee (1986) upside down, with Belushi as a famous New York journalist starting a romance with a frigid young mountain boy who prefers the more natural, out-of-the-way lifestyle, portrayed by Blair Brown.

A 1985 blockbuster, which won 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Director (Sydney Pollack), which edged out such works as The Color Purple, The Witness and The Kiss of Spider-Woman that year. Starring the great Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, the film is based on the biography of Karen Blixen, a Danish baroness who owned plantations in colonial Kenya in the 20th century. She falls in love with a free-spirited hunter, played by Redford. Entre Dois Amores is an incredibly beautiful 3-hour epic that remains one of the most beloved romantic works of the seventh art.

That’s where it all started, in that 1984 film. Police Madness went on to become one of the most successful franchises of the 1980s, generated a sequel a year since its debut, featuring a cartoon, puppets, toys and a live action series. However, when you look closely at this original film, you can see a much more slutty and grown-up mood, something bigger, closer to movies like Porky’s, for example, than the kids product aimed at kids who have become the kids. suites. . Here we have a lot of sexual jokes, like oral sex, over and over again during the screening. A new copy is currently in development, likely a remake or reboot.

We look forward to the day when Netflix makes all of the movies in this franchise available – which will likely happen on HBO Max, as this is a Warner series. In any case, we can be satisfied with this sequel, released the year after the original. The tips here take the censorship down, showcasing a much more “safe and innocent” style in this first sequel. In the plot, the graduates of the first receive their first assignment and go to support a bankrupt police station in a dangerous part of the city. The additions here are the wacky Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait), the fragile Sweetchuck (Tim Kazurinsky) and the villainous police officers Lieutenant Mouser (Art Metrano) and Proctor (Lance Kinsey), replacing Lieutenant Harris (GW Bailey).

Okay, that’s not exactly a platform version. Either way, on our way to the premiere of the late Top Gun: Maverick sequel this year, there’s nothing better than kicking up the engines (literally) with this classic that served to catapult star Tom Cruise’s career. and will turn 35 in 2021. In the plot, the daring and arrogant US Navy pilot Maverick (Cruise), must overcome the death of his father, while facing rivalry from colleagues, including Iceman ( Val Kilmer). Oh yes, we also have the unforgettable romance with Charlie, an instructor, played by the beautiful Kelly McGillis, to the sound of Take My Breath Away from Berlin.

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