Netflix is ​​releasing one of the most controversial films in history and subscribers HATE…



Due to its confusing and controversial plot, “Mother! Is one of acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky’s most talked-about films (“Requiem for a Dream”).

And it looks like debates about its meaning are returning to dominate social media now that the film has entered the Netflix catalog.

Almost four years after the debut, it appears Netflix subscribers are showing as negative a reaction as the audiences following the aftermath in the year of launch.


Mom is now on Netflix. Watch at your own risk.

– Renan Souza (@resouzav) June 10, 2021

Wow, there’s a Netflix movie called Mom DON’T WATCHAAAAA, WORST MOVIE OF LIFE PQP

– Micaelle (@micaelviz) June 10, 2021

Appeared “Mother!” on Netflix’s recommendations and dropped off a bad train. It’s just agony from start to finish

– The sufferings of young Arielle (@moderndayari) June 10, 2021

watched the movie “Mother” or “Mother!” »On netflix, this film makes no sense, but then I went looking for the meaning, a theory, and it even makes a lot of sense, it’s with Jennifer Lawrence

– juliesse | asoiaf ¹ (@iwasjuliesse) June 10, 2021

Boyfriend! What movie is this ?? !! Surreal and heartbreaking !!! 4/5.

Saw “Mother!” on Netflix again? https: //t.co/2qVRxTGLpW

– Fernando Raposo – #RAPOSOVERSO (◠‿◕) (@FATRAPOSO) June 10, 2021

never look at “Mom!” from Netflix, ridiculous movie WITHOUT ANY SENSE rotten all bad

– (@gialicix) June 10, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Dude I started watching Mother on netflix and I don’t know I couldn’t go on.
It gives a lot of heart palpitations than that. I know it represents the earth and everything but for me a Virgo seeing people come in and get dirty and everything makes me angry

– SAR Henrique (@RiqueRodini) June 9, 2021

I watched this mother movie on netflix yesterday and found it very weird, the baby scene traumatized me forever

– dear (@nestareign) June 9, 2021

For now I’m shocked by the movie Mother… It’s on netflix, watch it and draw your own conclusions

– Rani (@ ranibatista13) June 10, 2021

Mom came to netflix but I don’t have the courage to watch this movie on my own

– lara (@girxlgeneration) June 8, 2021

Released in 2017 and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, “Mother! Uses biblical allegories to tell the story of a couple who move into a mansion while trying to start a new life.

As he concentrates on his writing profession and prepares a radical story, she tries to turn the mansion into a real home.

However, the arrival of a stranger sets off a series of catastrophic events that bring him to the brink of insanity, including visions of a beating heart on the walls of the house.

Despite the thought-provoking premise, “Mother! It only received 68% critical approval and was a business disaster, grossing a paltry $ 44 million worldwide on a budget of $ 32 million.

To make matters worse, the feature film was nominated in 2018 in several categories of the Golden Raspberry, considered the most feared award in cinema for choosing the worst films and performances in a given year.

In addition to Worst Achievement, Aronofsky’s “misunderstood work” also won nominations for Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Actress, which generated a shower of negative comments about Lawrence.

After the poor reception, the star avoided going into details of the film, and even showed a team of reporters the middle finger at a press conference in New York when pressed for details of the film. ‘plot.

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