Netflix is ​​paying a fortune for a thriller DETONATED by the public; Check!



Netflix bought the thriller “ Woman at the Window ” for a hefty sum – around $ 50 million – but the film exploded by audiences and critics alike.

On social media, Netflix subscribers criticized the production starring actress Amy Adams.

Check out the reactions:

serious people the final scene of the woman at the window fight is very bad !!!!!!!!! And on second thought, the whole unfolding of the end (the unfolding of sb existed, we agree) was made like the end of the game of thrones, only played p concluded and gave

– daughter of Alegre (@jblaskesi) May 18, 2021

The woman at the window movie is this horse that starts off well drawn and only ends with straws pic.twitter.com/PGxDpGuwT5

– Hi, nara! (@whyynara) May 15, 2021

Internet owes me 1h 41min for the hype that let me see The Woman in the Window and the very weak movie

– young mystical apostolic freestyle (@henriquezera) May 18, 2021

so I did not like the execution of “ the woman at the window ”, several giant plots of the book were predictable in the film 💀 pity

– kaio / reserva (@kaiocluz) May 18, 2021

I found The Woman in the Window horrific with no suspense * SPOILER * if the psychopath is right there in the first tension scene fully demonstrating he’s the villain. Or was I supposed to believe this 20 year old guy was 15? Maybe if I was 15 I wouldn’t suspect

– bee. ☀️🌈🍉 (@aliehnada) May 18, 2021

Netflix is ​​to be congratulated on the production of The Woman in the Window, but this ending? my god q shit Netflix understands that 15 minutes is not enough p to unfold a plot and finish a story q has a lot of information UNDERSTAND

– daughter of Alegre (@jblaskesi) May 18, 2021

what was that ending of the woman at the window ?? it went so well until the rooftop scene💀

– luiz com z (@ lopeslua8) May 18, 2021

Based on the eponymous novel by Tracy Letts, the film experienced several issues before it was acquired for streaming.

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The film was re-released three times after overwhelmingly negative reactions during test screenings, and its entire soundtrack was even dropped.

“ A Mulher na Janela ” received only 24% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and was severely criticized for its lack of boldness and for falling short of expectations regarding its narrative construction.

Still according to the reviewer, the thriller doesn’t know how to take advantage of its great cast in a richer and deeper way, becoming another forgettable Netflix film.


“As an exercise in suspense it is much less successful.” – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club

“The Woman in the Window would be an incredible thriller if you would just dare to engage in a unique vision and perform it without excuse.” – Anne T. Donahue, Globe and Mail

“Effectively capricious, but with frustrating chills, the Woman at the Window underestimates her hero in several ways.” – Sheri Linden, Hollywood journalist

“The woman at the window never manages to transcend the impression that she is just smart.” – Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

“A terrible waste of a great cast.” – Chris Bumbray, JoBlo Film Network

“Let’s just say, while the obvious makeup here is ‘Rear Window’, there’s also a little touch of ‘Psycho’. It makes sense. Just as there is always space at the Bates Motel, there is plenty of space in this brownstone house. – Mark Feeney, Boston Globe

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The cast also includes Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Julianne Moore, Wyatt Russell and Anthony Mackie.

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