Netflix exasperates subscribers: even higher prices!



The decision made by Netflix did not back down. Viewers are absolutely on a war footing with the broadcaster

Changes in sight for Netflix which will affect the proximity and loyalty of its subscribers. The online streaming giant is dropping some news to try not to lose money and credibility.

Netflix raises prices (web source)

From November 3, for example, the new Netflix subscription mode will start, the one including advertisements. All this will allow users to pay a little less, starting at €5.49 per month, but they will have to accept the inclusion of advertising intervals during the broadcasts followed.

There is no date yet for the novelty which will certainly please subscribers less. In fact, Netflix is ​​trying to counter too many shared subscriptions and accounts, or the possibility of a user allowing other friends and relatives to use their access to view the TV broadcaster’s content.

The novelty of Netflix will leave the United States: price increase for each additional guest

To counter the aforementioned situation, Netflix has formalized the inclusion of a function shortly, which should land first in the United States. That is, sub-accounts, that is, users who can use the subscription of others, but with a price increase.

Let’s take an example: those who have a basic Netflix subscription, starting at 7.99 euros per month, will no longer be able to share it freely with other guests, whether friends or relatives. Any other detected device will be considered as a sub-account and an additional amount will have to be entered in payment in order to allow its visualization. Netflix’s gadget to thwart shared accounts (Pixabay)

The additional sub-account is expected to cost around $3 per month, while in Italy there is still no specific information on when the feature will be introduced, or how much it will cost to add a guest to your Netflix subscription.

A nifty novelty, but one that subscribers to the streaming channel will certainly not take very well. Increases in the cost of major consumer goods will make it even less enjoyable. We’ll see if Netflix’s strategy pays off, both in economic terms and in terms of membership.

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