Naples in the Women of Iran Square



Demonstrations of solidarity with Iranian women continue in all squares of Italy. Today, it is Naples that takes to the streets, in front of the town hall, to denounce the illiberal regime of the ayatollahs and demand the civil rights of women. To get to the square is the Consulta delle Elette, which brings together councilors and councilors, as well as the mayor Gaetano Manfredi. Demonstrations are multiplying throughout Italy after the arrest of Alessia Piperno and the murder of Mahsa Amini, “guilty” only of not having worn the veil correctly.

“It’s a battle for global rights, which must see us all united,” Naples Mayor Gaetano Manfredi told reporters in the square. His words are echoed by those of Anna Maria Maisto, president of the Consulta delle Elette in Naples: “Iran is a theocratic regime that does not respect women’s rights, despite the fact that the Koran fully recognizes women’s rights to their femininity. The demonstration then continued with the women of the Municipality of Naples, councilors and councillors, who symbolically tie their hair behind their heads. To remember the gesture that cost the life of Mahsa Amini.

Naples in the square of the women of Iran. Iranian Foreign Minister: ‘Foreigners respect our rules’

Meanwhile, from Iran, Foreign Minister Nasser Kassani speaks about the arrest of Alessia Piperno: “”Investigations are continuing and the respective embassies and foreign citizens are informed of the latest developments – a-t- he says – Iran is a safe country for all foreign travellers, no we will be disturbed. But they have to respect our rules.” Alessia’s father, questioned by Ansa, answered: “” I don’t know if Alessia was participating in the demonstrations. Unfortunately, there is still no news on her situation. In this moment, of course, we prefer silence.” Alessia Piperno is indeed accused by the Iranian regime of having participated in anti-government demonstrations after the death of Mahsa Amini.

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