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The infamous mystery of the tower princes could be solved after 539 years. King Charles, in fact, declared his “support” for a DNA investigation. Scholars, indeed, could carry out the DNA test on the bones which according to some would belong to the two principles who mysteriously disappeared.

Until now, Queen Elizabeth had refused permission to investigate the remains, but the new sovereign, who is passionate about archaeology, a subject he studied at Cambridge, says he is keen to support the research. There are those who argue, in fact, that the bones belong to the two princes Edoardo and Riccardo, precisely called “princes of the Tower”.

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The story goes that Prince Edward, destined to become king, was locked up in the Tower of London with his younger brother, Richard. The author of the gesture was Richard III, their uncle, who wanted to claim the crown for himself. At the time of the events, in 1483, the princes were twelve and nine years old. King Richard declared them illegitimate children and no one saw them again. But immediately rumors swirled that the order had come to kill them.

King Charles also wants to solve the mystery of the Princes of the Tower

The theory of the murder of the princes of the tower was popularized by William Shakespeare in his Richard III. Not all historians believe this to be true, and many believe this thriller was engineered by Tudor propaganda against previous rulers. To solve the mystery could be the DNA analyzes carried out on the remains. In order for the scholars to conduct them, however, the authorization of King Charles was required, who was said to be in favor of resolving the question of the principles of the tower.

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The remains belong to four children, two found in the Tower of London in 1600 and two in the grounds of Windsor Castle in 1700. Some believe they belong to the princes of the tower and are kept in the royal crypts. Tracy Borman, curator of historic royal palaces, said Elizabeth II had blocked any such investigation. But according to his remarks, the new king “has a very different point of view” and would be in favor of DNA testing.

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Speaking at the Sandon Literature Festival in Staffordshire, he said: “He said he would like an inquest to continue so he can determine, once and for all, how the young princes died.” An examination, indeed, could reveal the relationship between the remains of the children and those of King Richard III, their hypothetical uncle. Some past scholars have also claimed to have found evidence that the king did not kill his own grandchildren, but allowed the eldest of the two to live secretly under an assumed name in a rural village. of Devon. The mother of the two princes of York, in fact, Queen Elizabeth Woodville would, according to this theory, have concluded a secret pact with the sovereign to save her children.

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