“My chair starts to creak”: final farewell to Dancing with the stars?



“My chair starts to creak”: final farewell to Dancing with the stars? Here is the sensational revelation that surprises all his fans

After many years spent on the jury, Selvaggia Lucarelli could be in final farewell. To perceive a possible detachment is the direct interested party who spoke about it from Alberto Matano.

Dancing with the stars (AnsaFoto)

All good things always come to an end. We could indicate this as a leitmotif combined with Dancing with the stars. Not in reference to the whole program, but to some of the most prominent participants for years. Specifically, we are talking about Selvaggia Lucarelli, who could soon say goodbye to that jury that made her famous on state television.

It is herself, the adored and hated judge of the show, who perceives this type of turning point and who does not hide it in a recent talk by Alberto Matano. During Live Life Afternoon, Selvaggia addressed some rumors and her possible TV future.

The first rumors in this sense came out in the magazine Vero, speaking of the general intentions of the judge to leave the program.

The voice was taken up by the journalist in these hours, with a sibylline phrase that surprised all her fans.

Dance with the stars, the sibylline phrases of Selvaggia Lucarelli: what will happen?

Wild Lucarelli (Ansa Foto)

It all started with the controversy over the disqualification of Enrico Montesano, after the famous political issue linked to the jersey being too “deployed”.

Selvaggia said in this regard: “Maybe he comes back and I go out. I have this feeling. I hear my chair creaking…”.

Although it was all said with a smile on their face, there may also be some truth to it. Matano for his part tried to minimize by replying: “I don’t think so, even in the light of the latest developments!”.

Despite the various quarrels of this edition, in fact, it seems unlikely that Milly Carlucci and her production can let go of one of the most recognizable faces of the Dancing with the Stars jury. Lucarelli has always been ready for a dialectical duel, as happened recently with Iva Zanicchi, after a bad epithet addressed to her live.

Everyone from Mughini to Montesano has accepted her sharp style and frankly none of the viewers want to lose her. For the good of the program.

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