“My case never existed. Get the country out of crisis”



Silvio Berlusconi, Licia Ronzulli – Photo by Ansa Foto

“The Ronzulli affair never existed and in any case it no longer exists. I am the daughter of a rifleman, my father served the country in the army for many years and taught me that serving the country is the first duty of every citizen and above all of those who have public responsibilities” These are the words of Licia Ronzulli of Forza Italia, in a note.

The background

Ronzulli was at the center of the media debate in the last weeks following the elections, because for her Berlusconi had asked for one of the ministries of Health or Education. Giorgia Meloni’s no to these wishes triggered the position of Cav, who in recent days was the only one, along with Casellati, to vote in the Senate for the one who later became president, Ignazio La Russa.

Once the political movement ended without the result he expected (La Russa was still elected thanks to the votes of the opposition), Berlusconi had to throw in the towel: there is no longer the Ronzulli hypothesis in negotiations for the government. But today the Cav meets with Giorgia Meloni to mend relations.

Government, Ronzulli: “Italy needs a government as soon as possible”

Days after for many it shook Forza Italia’s role on the center-right, the senator had her say. “Italy needs to have a government as soon as possible, with a high-level team, supported by a united, cohesive and compact center-right coalition, as it presented itself to the Italians and as the Italians us asked for it,” Ronzulli said. .

“In the government team, Forza Italia will have to play the important role, in terms of content and structure, which has been conferred on it by the consent of the voters. In the coming days, the center-right will present themselves united with Colle, for propose to the President of the Republic to entrust the task to the Honorable Meloni, who has the right and the duty to lead the country out of the crisis.Despite the malevolent reconstructions, I have always worked for this, even at the occasion of the vote for the President of the Senate. I will continue to do so, as a senator of the Republic or in any role that President Berlusconi thought he could indicate to me”.

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