Multishow interrupts the programming for a nice tribute to Paulo Gustavo; Check it out!



The tragic and unexpected farewell of actor, director and comedian Paulo Gustavo had a huge impact across the country, and Multishow channel interrupted its usual program to pay tribute to the long history of the acclaimed artist.

Bringing together some of his best moments from the stage, the video pays homage to Gustavo’s memory and lively humor, reflecting his socio-cultural impact for Brazil.

The beautiful tribute highlights the artist’s joy on stage and his ease in moving between stages, always with a lot of improvisation and a game of circumference – making the audience laugh.

Paulo Gustavo died last Tuesday evening (04), as a result of complications from Covid-19.

Paulo’s profile confirmed the information on social networks: “At 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday 05/04, patient Paulo Gustavo Monteiro died, victim of COVID-19 and its complications.”

On Twitter, several friends and celebrities posted messages in honor of the actor.


A country abandoned at the mercy of a madman without the slightest capacity to manage a pandemic, a country without a vaccine, with more than 400,000 dead, which loses the talented @ PauloGustavo31 to the fluke of President Chloroquine. How sad! He will be sorely missed! #PauloGustavo

– Fernanda Concon (@FernandaConcon) May 5, 2021

“Say how much you love the one you love. But it’s not just in the statement, folks. Love in practice, in action. Love is action. Loving is an art. Lots of love, folks. See you later.”

Respect for all beings, love! This is what Paulo Gustavo has always preached, its essence remains in us! 🙏🏻

– BoysLove Hub (@boyslovehub) May 5, 2021

My God… I don’t know what to write .. Paulo Gustavo❤️🙏 a person who made the country laugh… 😔 I can’t believe it .. what a sad thing ..

– Dani Calabresa (@calabresadani) May 5, 2021

Enjoy watching:

I will always remember you like this. Rest in peace, Paulo.

– + a (@maisa) May 5, 2021

My God! It’s incredible! This cursed virus has already taken so many fathers, mothers and children! Msm being the only certainty in life, we are never prepared. My solidarity with Paulo Gustavo’s family at this difficult time. Today’s world has lost a person with the gift of bringing happiness🥺

– Thaynara OG (@ThaynaraOG) May 5, 2021

Paulo Gustavo was a giant GAY in a world that forces us to shrink

– Thiago Guimarães (@orathiago) May 5, 2021

Paulo Gustavo with Dona Hermínia was a small family of every Brazilian who saw himself on this cinema screen. I am really bad and I know a lot of you are too. 0 reply 1 retweet 1 likeMichael .tt @Michael_McMartin May 7

– I AM ROD (@rodolpho) May 5, 2021

Sometimes we try to understand God, but it is very difficult!
If you let us go crazy trying to figure it out.
With so many bad people in the world doing nothing but bad.
God allow a being of light and joy to leave while all of Brazil loved ama
Paulo Gustavo, you will always be remembered !!! We love you ❤️😭

– Inês Brasil (@InesBrasilTV) May 5, 2021

Creator of Dona Hermínia and several other emblematic characters, Paulo had been hospitalized since March 13 at the Copa Star hospital, in Copacabana, in the southern zone.

He was 42 years old and has two one-year-old children, Romeu and Gael, and her husband, Doctor Thales Bretas, with whom he has been married since December 2015.

Watch our recorded interview with the actor in 2019:

Paulo Gustavo gained visibility at the end of 2004, when he joined the cast of the play “Surto”.

In 2006, the show “ Minha Mãe É Uma Parte ” was premiered, which won a film adaptation in 2013 and a continuation in 2016 and another in 2019.

In 2017, he left “ Vai Que Cola ” and joined the program “ A Vila ”, with Katiuscia Canoro, with the screenplay by Leandro Soares.

Our prayers and prayers are with your family, friends and fans.

Make sure to watch:

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