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Movie failures that become “Gold” on Netflix



Definitely, Netflix is ​​the rental company of the new times. Anyone who lived through the era of video rental stores will never forget the satisfaction of spending hours with friends or alone choosing movies to watch on weekends with the family. Today the process is much faster (hopefully) and the power of choice is at your fingertips, with an equally large collection on the most varied streaming platforms. Not to mention the sum of never finding the movie you want to watch “rented” by someone else. An extremely frustrating gesture at the time.

But not everything has changed with modernity. One of the most interesting and welcome phenomena that has emerged with the advent of video stores has been the second chance many productions have received from audiences after they hit the big screen. Many films and even blockbusters that turned out to be failures by audiences, and even critics, on their theatrical debut have been rediscovered by new viewers and re-evaluated, generating a legion of fans, treated like a cult. . It was like that, for example, with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

The same phenomenon is starting to happen on a larger scale now on Netflix. And we all agree, because every film production deserves a second, third, and even a fourth chance to rediscover its audience and be successful. With that in mind, I decided to create this new article addressing precisely the fact that the films that missed audiences in theaters and slaughtered by critics when released on the big screen, but which fell on streaming platform number 1 worldwide have been adopted by the so-called “Netflix generation” succeeding in the service. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

A troubled $ 175 million overproduction by Universal Pictures, the 2013 blockbuster suffered numerous delays and remakes, resulting in a flop that didn’t even pay its budget – also with inflated value like that, how could it? Along with muse Keanu Reeves, 47 Ronins is perhaps one of the most monumental fiascos of his career. Yet, by falling into the Netflix collection, the film was so popular with new generation users that it quickly entered the top 10 most watched on the platform. Such success has started to generate rumors that a sequel to the film may be planned by the film producer now as well – something Netflix had already accomplished with the sequel The Tiger and the Dragon 2 – The Sword. of fate (2016).

We continued with star Keanu Reeves. Be honest, have you ever heard of this movie? That’s right, but the feature film was briefly released in Brazilian theaters in March 2017. And yes, it went completely blank. In the plot, Reeves plays a lawyer trying to prove the innocence of a teenager in a murder case. In addition to the star, the cast also includes Oscar-winning actress Renée Zellweger and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. It’s a movie even those involved might not remember making, and its worldwide box office didn’t even hit $ 2 million. Despite this, it became a hit on the Netflix platform, unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the film is not available in our country, it appears only in the US service.

Enjoy watching:

Besides Keanu Reeves, another star very dear to the public these days is the good kid Chris Hemsworth, interpreter of the Marvel superhero Thor. Even his balls, see the recent Men in Black International (2019) do not seem to tarnish his reputation too much, the size is the level of acceptance of the “keridometer” of the blond actor. On his rise to fame, Hemsworth teamed up with often-great director Michael Mann (Fire Against Fire and Collateral), believing it would be a milestone in his career. But Hacker (2015), who also stars Viola Davis in the cast, cost US $ 70 million and only earned US $ 19 million worldwide, with Brazil coming straight into the video market. However, none of this stopped the film from becoming the new sensation once released on the Netflix platform – in large part due to the actor’s fame and charisma.

Little by little, we seem to be going back to the star age. Well almost. It is undeniable that with the advent of social networks, where we can closely follow the daily lives of dear celebrities, their status with the public is constantly refined. Add to that the growth of streaming platforms that are making new generations of moviegoers every day and we have new Hollywood darlings being born all the time. This explains the new chance we are giving to chess. Many fans of the new generation don’t even remember or even knew that those movies now streaming on Netflix, for example, were released in theaters and remained blank 5 or 6 years ago. After all, now is the time to train a new generation. This is the case with this reboot of the classic comedy franchise that debuted in 1983, which in 2015 was a resounding critical failure, but less so at the box office. Going through Netflix, he saw a surge in popularity that he hadn’t had in the past. The film is no longer in the platform’s collection. Oh, and yes, Chris Hemsworth is part of the cast.

This gave something to talk about at the time! First, because it is the adaptation of one of the most appreciated and prestigious Japanese animations of all time by the hands of Hollywood. Second, for being accused of white laundering, a term used when Caucasian actors take on roles that should be of a different ethnicity. Here, the very American Scarlett Johansson has taken the form of an Asian protagonist. A new controversy for the “cursed” director Rupert Sanders, whose extramarital affair with actress Kristen Stewart had already caused a sensation at the release of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). The film even tries to explain the protagonist’s race change, but overall the Ghost in the Shell of “flesh and blood” ended up being snubbed. That is, until it landed on Netflix, where it was adopted by the new generation, becoming one of the house hits.


Speaking of a controversial film, nothing and nobody has prepared audiences for the latest craze from the controversial Darren Aronofsky. Loved by some and hated by so many, the feature was billed as a conceptual horror starring Jennifer Lawrence in the Rosemary’s Baby mold, and the marketing campaign was keen to point out the similarities. A solid cast with names like Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris just injected more anticipation into the work. And what we got, well… it was a really hallucinatory and insane movie that was nothing more than a new biblical interpretation of the emergence of man on Earth and the relationship with God and Mother. Nature. All disguised as a horror and suspense film. An ambitious and pretentious idea, which ended up neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Once we understood the proposal, the general reaction was “ok, cool”. When it landed on Netflix, the film made a new noise, becoming a hit with audiences, however it returned to displease a large part of the audience who did not know what it was about.

Here we have a curious case. It’s not just movie failures and forgotten productions that Netflix is ​​“turning to gold”. The streaming platform even has the power to turn its own monumental fiascos into successes. Or maybe in relative success. Everything Netflix publishes ends up generating a buzz in one way or another. This was the case with this Thunder Squad, whose goal was to subvert the hugely popular genre of superhero movies. The trick here is to turn overweight 40-year-olds Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, two actresses we wouldn’t think of as crime-fighting uniformed characters, into powerful heroines. It turns out that even slaughtered by critics and the public, the spectator’s curiosity spoke louder, securing Esquadrão Trovão’s entry into the top 10 of the grandstand.

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