Mourning on television: the protagonist of one of the most popular series in history has died



Mourning on television: the protagonist of one of the most popular series in history has died. The news shocked all his many fans

At the age of 67, died Leslie Jordan, famous for having worked in the very famous series Will & Grace. A serious car accident in Los Angeles was fatal to the actor.

Mourning on TV (Facebook)

Who among you has not seen a single episode of Will & Grace? The hugely popular American television series was produced by NBC between 1998 and 2006, before returning in 2017 with three more revival seasons. Leslie Jordan, an American actor who died in those hours, was also present in this successful casting. At 67, Jordan lost his life following a car accident in the Los Angeles area. The first to announce the news were the portals Page Six and TMZ. The actor has also played prominent roles in other TV series such as The Cool Kids and American Horror Story.

According to the first reconstructions of the case, it seems that Leslie Jordan fell ill and that his car crashed into a wall. Despite the timely intervention of medical personnel, the actor did not survive.

In mourning on TV, the actor of Will & Grace Leslie Jordan died: he was 67 years old

Leslie Jordan (Facebook)

“We can confirm the death of comedian Leslie Jordan. Our law enforcement sources tell us the star was traveling to Hollywood on Monday morning when he apparently had some sort of medical emergency and crashed his BMW into the side of a building. “

On the TMZ site it is added that: “The crash was fatal and Leslie did not survive despite the arrival of help. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived on the scene. He had become famous for having participated in several shows that are very popular with the public. In addition to television series, such as Ugly Betty, Call Me Kat or American Horror Story, Jordan has also appeared in the cast of some famous films such as The Help and Ski Patrol”.

The US sites highlight how Leslie has also been very active in the social sector, with several notable initiatives. Unfortunately, he is the second character from Will & Grace to have left us, after Shelley Morrison, who played Rosario Salazar.

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