Mourning in Italian music: it made the history of the Bel Paese



He wrote the history of Italian music and for that created in it a void impossible to fill: he died after a long career

A great loss for all of Italy for the history that it has made up for the Bel Paese, a very long career that has marked entire generations with maximum popularity arriving in the 60s.

Grief in the world of music (Via Pixabay)

His career began in the early 60s when Franco Migliacci introduced him to the famous RCA Italiana record company in Rome as a songwriter. From then on, the story speaks for itself and Nico Fidenco became an icon in the history of music at the Bel Paese. It was a period when, in Italy, those who had a particularity – merit or defect – in their voice succeeded and for this reason the artistic director Enzo Micocci gave it great importance.

Her first and most successful single was What a Sky. The story of this song was particularly daring: the director Maselli wanted to add an original soundtrack to his film I Delfini and to do so he turned to Micocci who made Little Tony, the son of Fusco and Nico, try the song. Fidenco which made its biggest hit. The recording was not easy, because initially the Italian RCA did not envisage the publication on the 45 rpm, but the request was such as to “force” the record company to hurry in the distribution of the same, in English and Italian.

Nico Fidenco, a piece of Italian history, dies aged 89


The news was reported by Adnkronos to whom his wife Annamaria and daughter Guendalina confirmed the disappearance. Nico Fidenco died at the age of 89 in his house in Rome, surrounded by his loved ones who supported him in his ideas, his ambitions and his projects until the end.

His last public appearance is known to many because it was on the occasion of Lucca Comics & Games, the well-known fair in the Tuscan city, where Fidenco sang soundtracks and theme songs from the cartoons live. Hot on the heels of this performance, the Siglandia label printed a collection of all of Fidenco’s 2019 cartoon initials.

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