Motorists in difficulty: RC Cars are skyrocketing, record prices!



The price of Motor TPL is increasing sharply, due to various factors. For those who own a car it will be a real blow

In recent years motorists have been made much easier on the rate of car TPL, or insurance policies that must be taken out by law to drive a car.

Engine TPL on the rise (web source)

Increasingly competitive prices, falling and above all the advent of online RC policies, with practical options depending on consumption and use of the car. Now, however, according to a recent survey, the trend seems to be changing rapidly.

At the end of the year, a sharp increase in car insurance prices will begin to be assessed, as well as an increase in claims. Insuring your car will no longer be as easy and cheap as before, on the contrary, it will be necessary to assess which type of RC to adopt in order not to spend too much.

Rising prices in RC cars: that’s why the increase will affect all motorists

“Without the necessary reforms to make the whole system more sustainable, it will be difficult to stop price increases and put affordable policies in place.” This was stated by Maria Bianca Farina, president of the national association of insurance companies.

A rather serious and concrete warning, which anticipates a painful message for motorists. In 2023, TPL premiums will be significantly higher. The increase will depend on several factors.

First of all for the high economic inflation that is taking hold of our country, and which is overwhelmingly affecting the cost of living. Moreover, because during the pandemic, cars circulated much less and insurance companies struggled, also entering crisis due to low turnout and low customers. Cars (Ansa photo)

Last June, the Ministry of Economic Development updated the values ​​for the calculation of physical damage. The least severe, that is to say less than 9% disability, increased by 6.96% in three years. And 5.8% only due to the inflation recorded in 2022. Further increases are expected for next year. They must also cover the most serious damage.

Among the reforms in this direction advocated by Maria Bianca Farina include the revision of merit classes and more tools available to fight against fraud. Not particularly costly measures, but which would allow the sector to fight against waste and customers to avoid yet another bloodshed.

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