‘Morbius’ and ‘Blade’ could win crossover movie at Marvel, Jared Leto reveals



During an interview for The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jared Leto spoke a bit about his role as the protagonist in ‘Morbius’.

In addition to detailing the character’s characteristics, the star taunted fans by saying that he wasn’t ruling out a future crossover with Mahershala Ali’s “Blade”.

“I play a vampire named Morbius. He’s a Marvel character, and they often call him a “living” vampire, so he’s not really a vampire, but he’s kind of a mutant or a super something. He’s a very interesting character because he reminds me of Dr. Jekyll from “The Doctor and the Monster”.

When asked about the possibility of a crossover with ‘Blade’, Leto said:

“It’s a good question, and I can see it happening in the future. Without a doubt, this is something to come.

Anyone who follows the comics knows that Blade and Morbius have shared stories before, so it makes perfect sense that the studios would want to invest in a character crossover.

Morbius’ condition makes him a natural enemy of the Blade, who although not a vampire, has the same abilities as them, with the advantage of not being affected by their weaknesses, such as the light of the Sun.

Speaking of which, it’s worth remembering that Sony Pictures has decided to postpone the release of ‘Morbius’ for the third time.

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The film is now hitting theaters on January 21, 2022. The decision was made due to not competing with “007 – No Time to Die”, the date of which also changed from April 2 to October 8 (date previously occupied by ” Morbius “).

During an interview with Variety, Leto explained why the film will be different from current hero films.

For the star, the plot of the film is a kind of reinterpretation of “The Doctor and the Monster”, a literary classic written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886.

“‘Morbius’ looks more like a thriller and horror movie than a superhero movie, although it takes place in this universe. But the movie has some funny moments too… I would describe it as a homage to ‘The Doctor and the Monster.’ But it’s a blockbuster, without a doubt it’s a blockbuster and I’m excited for the debut.

For those who don’t know him, the character first appeared in issue 101 of “The Spectacular Spider-Man,” released in 1971.

In the plot, Dr. Michael Morbius has an accident while testing a possible cure for a blood disease and ends up transforming into a vampire, artificially created and different from mythological creatures.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, the cast also includes Tyrese Gibson, Jared Harris and Matt Smith.

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