“Moon Knight”: Marvel fans are VERY excited to watch the series; Check out the reactions!



The DiscussingFilm website conducted a poll on its official Twitter, asking Marvel Studios fans which project they were most eager to watch. The result was almost unanimous: Internet users are very eager to discover the Disney + series “Cavaleiro da Lua”.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Well Spider-Man (obviously)
but also hella excited for Moon Knight
I think my last choice would be BLADE I want to see what they do with it https://t.co/1Tl1c3F6It

– J Money 👑 (@Papi_Cthulhu) July 5, 2021

“Well, ‘Spider-Man’ (obviously)… But I’m also very excited for ‘Moon Knight’. I think my last choice would be ‘Blade’, I want to see what they do with him.

Just give me Moon Knight and I’ll be happy https://t.co/wNVjXfMWAY

– Noah Hoskinson (@ n_hoskinson13) July 5, 2021

“Just give me ‘Moon Knight’ and I’ll be happy.”

Moon Knight, Blade… ..and pass… https://t.co/CZlhqVmg5J

– David Rockey (@hoss_buddy) July 5, 2021

Moon Knight https://t.co/Ciuu9UTAVT

– It will be No-Yume (@RosaDelZorro) on July 5, 2021

I changed my mind, Oscar Isaac exists and will be in Moon Knight. Take out She Hulk, add Moon Knight. https://t.co/w9c2DeaqLx

– Traci (@ tracilet77) July 5, 2021

“I changed my mind, Oscar Isaac exists and will be in ‘Cavaleiro da Lua'”.

Enjoy watching:

Watching this Moon Knight character and he’s about to become my new favorite

– megan ✩🌱🌺⁶🌹 (@mroseeyeon) July 5, 2021

“Looking at this Moon Knight – and I think he’s gonna become my new [personagem] prefer”.

Oscar Isaac will bring the main character to life, while rumors have it that Ethan Hawke will play the iconic villain Dracula. May Calamawy is also part of the series.

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (“Synchronic”) will lead the series, based on screenplays written by Jeremy Slate (“Umbrella Academy”).

For those who don’t know, the Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a mercenary of many personalities – taxi driver Jake Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant – who help him face the underworld. Soon it becomes a channel for Khonshu, an Egyptian moon god. The Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, and was introduced in Werewolf by Night # 32.

Make sure to watch:

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