Mongolia, the case of the sheep that go around in circles



Incredible images from Baodou, Mongolia. A flock of sheep has been moving in a circle for 12 days, clockwise. A strange behavior on the part of the sheep, which no one can explain. The owner of the herd herself, to local journalists, explained that she really does not know why her sheep began to move in this way.

The bizarre fact was first reported by China’s People’s Daily magazine. Local media to which the owner of the herd in Mongolia told that at first a small group of sheep began to move in this way. Then everyone else followed. The herd in question is number 13. Since the owner has 34 herds. Some experts suggest it could be a sign of stress or behavior due to an infection, such as listeriosis, which can inflame parts of the brain and cause animals to behave strangely. However, they haven’t yet come to a conclusion as to what makes the sheep go round in circles.

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