‘MODOK’ star reveals which mutant would love to live in theaters



In an interview with Variety, star Sam Richardson, known for his work on the acclaimed production “Veep” and recent stop-motion animation “MODOK”, commented on which X-Men member would like to perform in theaters – and the the answer was quite categorical: Hank McCoy, aka Beast.

The reason for wanting to play him is the similarities the mutant has to Richard Splett, a character experienced in the aforementioned comedy.

“I think the Beast is a big, blue, hairy Richard Splett,” he commented.

Recall that the first season ‘MODOK’ has already debuted on Hulu and received a very favorable reception from the critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series got 88% approval, scoring 8.04 / 10 based on 26 reviews. According to the general consensus, “Despite the overblown tendency to test the patience of some viewers, the stop-motion aesthetic, a killer voice-over cast and an endless amount of jokes turn ‘MODOK’ into chaotic entertainment.”

Check out the main comments below:

“[Patton] Oswalt, in his role, manages to invest more personality in MODOK than the comics ”- NPR.

“Overall, it’s a pretty fun entry into the Marvel realm” – Geek Girl Authority.

“’MODOK’ mixes a sagacious style of humor with a Marvel favorite to create something unexpected” – Austin Burke.

“The result of a brilliant and infamous plan” – San Francisco Chronicle.

“Ridiculously stupid… and ridiculously funny! – Mom’s geek.

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Check out the episode titles below:

01 × 01: “If this is… MODOK” 01 × 02: “The MODOK that time has forgotten” 01 × 03: “Beware that the portal is coming! 01 × 04: “If Saturday was… for the boys! 01 × 05: “If bureaucracy is your death!” “01 × 06:” Tales of the Great Bar-Mitzvah War! “01 × 07:” This man… This makeover! 01 × 08: “O were the blood thicker than the robot juice!” “01 × 09:” What threat does the postman deliver? “01 × 10:” The days of future MODOKs ”

The megalomaniac MODOK has long aspired to conquer the world. But after years of twists and turns, delays, and failures grappling with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, MODOK ended up wrecking its evil organization AIM. Moved as boss as he grapples with a fragile marriage and family life, the villain now faces his biggest challenge yet: a midlife crisis.

Discover the official cast of the production:

Patton Oswalt as MODOK – After being demoted by his evil secret organization and family, the supervillain must reinvent himself if he is to have the chance to regain the things he once had in his life, as well as conquer the world. MODOK discovers that superheroes are nothing compared to his new challenge: the midlife crisis.

Aimee Garcia as Jodie – Jodie is the wife of MODOK and the mother of their children, but wakes up late and decides to continue her career as a mother blogger, finding out that she is an independent woman. There is so much to do in this world and little time to waste getting carried away by negativity. And unfortunately the reason for this negativity is… MODOK

Ben Schwartz as Lou – To be honest MODOK doesn’t understand his twelve year old son Lou. He is not athletic enough to be a player; not too smart to be a nerd; Lou is… well, Lou – a kid who clearly walks to the beat of his own music. The young man’s lack of ambition, friends and hygiene is a constant preoccupation of the supervillain, who ends up projecting his insecurities onto the overconfident son.

Melissa Fumero as Melissa – Even with her father’s ‘characteristics’, seventeen-year-old Melissa has become something of a ‘B-queen’ of her school and a star in the skateboarding world. Every popular kid wants to date her or avoid her. But in the midst of so much success, Melissa secretly longs for her father’s approval.

Wendi McLendon-Covey as Monica Rappaccini – Monica is a mad and brilliant scientist from rival company MODOK. Clearly more competent and skilled than the super-villain, Monica revel in MODOK’s suffering until the new leadership begins to encroach on her experiences – prompting her to unite with her former nemesis.

Beck Bennet as Austin Van Der Sleet – After the MODOK organization is all but destroyed, he is forced to sell it to tech giant GRUMBL. The company, in turn, makes Austin the new boss of MODOK, and even though he wants to disintegrate him in a snap, the villain is looking for new solutions to confront him.

Jon Daly as Super Adaptoid – An android who has an ambition to live, feel and create, but who is actually forced to spend his days massaging the scalp of MODOK, its creator. Although he intends to turn against his “boss,” Adaptoid maintains a troubled friendship with the villain.

Sam Richardson – Gary is an AIM henchman who is fiercely loyal to MODOK, even though he struggles to remember his name. As the supervillain continues to be demoted within his own organization, Gary is there by his side, always offering help and unwavering optimism.

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