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Modà concerts 2023 songs and anniversary



The Modà are celebrating one of the most important milestones of their career to date. The group is indeed celebrating its twentieth anniversary and continues to be one of the most popular musical groups on the Italian music scene. For the occasion a new album is released which closes the open loop with Buona Fortuna – Parte prima and the group led by Kekko Silvestre is already ready for a new musical tour for the first time in theaters.

2023 will be a year of great satisfaction, but above all of important celebrations for the Modà who cross the threshold of their first twenty years of career on the Italian music scene. The band has also decided this time to celebrate this milestone with a lot of music, with a new album coming soon and a musical tour already planned for the first time in Italian halls.

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Kekko Silvestre on vocals, Enrico Zaparoli and Diego Arrigoni on guitars, Stefano Forcella on bass and Claudio Dirani on drums began their musical journey in 2003 and in a few months they will celebrate their first twentieth anniversary, dotted with numerous awards obtained over the years. years.

A new single for Modà is coming

In the meantime, while they wait to be able to share with their public the new recording project inaugurated with Buona Fortuna – Part one, Modà is ready to give another surprise to their fans with the release of a new single. Indeed, on October 28, the song that will prefigure their new recording project will be available on all platforms. “Love is always the protagonist of our music […] and ‘It always ends like this’ is the photograph of the madness caused by love,” the group said of the soon-to-be-released new song. The song will be about a man who falls in love for the first time and how his life changed after discovering this strong and overwhelming feeling.

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2023 will be a year to mark for the famous Italian group

Next year, 2023, will be a momentous year for the Modà who have just crossed the finish line of their first twenty years of career. In the meantime, a new album is already on the way for the group, available from November 11, Buona Fortuna – Part III. A record that will finally close the circle started with Good Fortune – Part One and that will open the band to new musical horizons. In the meantime, for 2023 a new tour has already been announced for the first time in theaters for the Modà who will celebrate their twentieth anniversary to the notes of their greatest hits. The date is already set for March 27 next year and the live events will continue for the rest of the spring, for a triumph of emotions for the public who will be present.

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