Missiles over Poland, video of the damage



The missile that hit Poland could have left Ukrainian territory to hit a Russian bomb. This is what CNN learns from qualified American sources. US officials added that intelligence assessments were discussed at the emergency meeting called by President Joe Biden shortly after the incident. On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali. In short, the first hypotheses which had spoken of Russian missiles on Poland are not confirmed. This would have generated an escalation that was worrying to say the least, given that Poland is a NATO country.

The Polish President himself, Andrzej Duda, said on the Presidency’s official Twitter account that “we are in direct contact with our NATO allies. I insist: we have no precise evidence that would allow us to conclude that it was an attack against Poland. The hypothesis of the accident, which cost the lives of two people who were there at the time, is becoming clearer and clearer. The Kremlin, for its part, called the US reaction “measured”. An attitude “contrary to the declarations” of other countries, as reported by the Rio Novosti press agency.

Missiles on Poland, the Kremlin: “measured reaction of the United States”

Kremlin spokesman Dimitruy Peskov, emphasizing the appreciation of the US reaction, harshly criticizes Poland. Which, according to the Kremlin, had all the means to immediately affirm that the missiles that fell on Polish territory, near the Ukrainian border, were not supplied to the Russian armed forces. Indeed, the S-300 missiles are not in the possession of the country’s army led by Putin. Over time, the alarm of a possible escalation fades.

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