Missiles above kyiv: a playground also affected



Russian missiles hit kyiv. And, in addition to hitting strategic targets, they also crash into areas frequented by Ukrainian civilians. In the Ukrainian capital, a children’s playground in the center of the city was also affected. In the images taken by a smartphone, you can see the crater generated by a missile right next to a seesaw. The missiles from Moscow continue to scare, while the escalation of the war becomes more and more worrying.

Explosions were also heard in the Ukrainian cities of Rivne and Kryvyi Rih, from west to south of the country. The international community is concerned about a possible escalation of the conflict. China expressed this morning its concern over the escalation of recent days and invited Moscow and kyiv to dialogue. While condemning “Russia’s war crimes”, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna supported the need to maintain diplomatic contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Missiles over kyiv: US promises military aid to Ukraine

The Kremlin spokesman said the US promise to provide advanced air defense systems to Ukraine would only prolong the conflict and inflict more suffering on Ukraine. US President Joe Biden promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that the United States would provide Ukraine with advanced air systems after yesterday’s devastating Russian missile attack. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said the restitutions would not change Moscow’s goals in its military operation in Ukraine.

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