Mirco Giovannini Atelier Folleria ecouture at Venice Fashion Week



Mirco Giovannini participated in Venice Fashion Week, presenting his Atelier Folleria on the catwalk and respecting the theme of the 2022 edition based on sustainable fashion.

Venice continues to amaze. After the Mostra del Cinema, it’s time to focus on fashion again, highlighting all aspects, even more sustainable. And it is to save greener fashion that Venice Fashion Week was born: the 2022 edition brought together more than 80 designers including Mirco Giovannini who presented a new listening collection with his Atelier Folleria.

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The new edition started on October 19 and ended ten days later, on the 29th and, with the stage presentation on the Grand Canal, and allowed the artists to show their own idea of ​​fashion, but sustainable. This is the crucial theme of the 2022 edition, in a Venice that seeks to insert new models for high quality tourism. Sustainability associated with innovation also goes through design. And Mirco Giovannini is back on the catwalks, offering timeless and exquisitely tailored dresses.

Mirco Giovannini: Atelier Folleria at Venice Fashion Week

The designer returned to enchant the catwalks, this time choosing a respectable setting. In the background, the Venetian lagoon and Mirco Giovannini’s new sustainable couture collection take center stage. The designer actively participated in Venice Fashion Week, contributing to a week of strictly green but also artisanal fashion. These are in fact the mainstays of the glamorous event that takes place in the lagoon. And the Romagna designer proposed his new collection with an emphasis on the new brand of luxury knitwear for women Atelier Folleria. As the brand reports in a press release, Giovannini has “always chosen the shirt as the atom of its cosmogony. Knitting not just as a fabric, but as a philosophy imbued with his proverbial inventiveness and craftsmanship built up, special stitch after special stitch, over his extraordinary professional career.”

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Atelier Folleria was born from an entrepreneurial project that saw the collaboration of Giovannini and MG Atelier Srl created with Gianluca Marchetti, entrepreneur and friend of the stylist. On the Venice Fashion Week catwalk, Giovannini presented the Nnit Luxury Couture collection inspired by the volumes of the 50s, but with futuristic influences from the 2000s, which returns to the catwalks in 2022. The designer also presented the Clouds capsule, in which he presents the universe of the shirt, deepening and highlighting femininity through the union of the finest veil with noble silk thread.

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To make the collection offered by Mirco Giovannini even more precious, the origin of the materials used for its products. The raw materials stand out thanks to certificates of eco-sustainable company, of an environmental nature, but also social and ethical.

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